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6 things International Student needs to know

For most international students, coming to study in the UK can be exciting, or intimidating. In order to enjoy both studying and living abroad, it is crucial to be fully prepared. After staying in Portsmouth for 8 months, I’ve spoken to a number of international students and marked down a few things that international students have to think about before arriving in the UK.

  1. Research

It would be good if you speak to anyone already in the UK or the alumni from your country. I’ve asked my friend who is a graduate from the University of Portsmouth and she helps me a lot in the process of applying the course. The next step is have a look on the University website for an idea of the things you might need to consider. Besides, don’t be afraid to contact the university directly to ask about the course details or other arrangements. Besides, there are always local advisers or agencies that provide details on studying in Portsmouth. Learn about the clubs and societies here at the University of Portsmouth.

2. Be academically prepared

If English is not your mother tongue, try to improve it to a level where you can feel confident about using it both academically and socially. Check out Global café in Park Building on every Wednesday, you will be able to meet friends from all over the world.

3. Working in the UK 

International Students usually pay a higher tuition fees than domestic students. Luckily, the Purple Door supports students to find jobs or career planning. Getting a part-time job not only provides some extra money, but also an opportunity to extend your networks and improve your language skills.

4. Student accommodation
Accommodation is one of the most important things that you’ve to concern about because this is where you’ll spend most of your time, meet your first friends and where you have to sleep! Normally you will get into student halls as an international student, here are some advice on choosing student accommodation.

5. Freshers’ Fayre


This is a week held at the start of the academic year which involves all the way from induction to huge bar crawls, find your way around your campus, clubs and societies and start to get used to living in the UK. As an international student, you’ll find some particular events that are designed for international students such as coach trip to Brighton or Oxford.

6. Finally, the Weather

The weather in UK is unpredictable. Even if the sun is shining, rain clouds can quickly appear and result in short, heavy downpours. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and always carry an umbrella (even though sometimes it’s too windy to use an umbrella).



As always, feel free to ask questions or add anything else in the comments below. 🙂

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Street and Break dance at Portsmouth University!

A blog post from one of our International Student Ambassadors.

maralBy Maral Amini

Do you enjoying dancing? Do you want to find brilliant inspired friends at Portsmouth University? Do you want to compete for street and break dance society? If YES you are in a right place!

Firstly let’s see- what’s street and break dance?

The University of Portsmouth offers a range of different classes for street and break dance from beginner to intermediate. Street dance covers locking, house, popping, whacking. We learn different routines with different style each time. Each routine takes about 3 weeks and after 3, 4 routines we will get ready for performances and competitions. I myself joined this society one year ago and I was a beginner. However I improved a lot. I believe the most interesting fact about this society is the people who make it a friendly environment. We have socials every other 2 weeks. We go out and dance! We also practice and show off our moves in the club! 90 % of all the members are international students and I myself, as an international student really enjoy this friendly society. We have students from china, Malaysia, Poland, Iran, Spain etc. I found very close, good friends of mine from this society. We are like a small family for each other. I participated in 2 competitions since I joined this society . The experience is remarkably enjoyable. You have to train more for the competitions, so you get a chance to be with the crew more often. One of the fascinating facts about the people in the society is they are very supportive. I myself sometimes couldn’t get the moves as fast as the others in the crew but the members were so patient and friendly and they help me to improve massively.

maral xmas meal

The competitions are really good experience as you have a chance to see other dance groups and many professionals. This can inspire you to train harder and harder. We also have some charity activities such as dancing to raise money. This is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself and have a chance to get involved in charity activities such as RAG. This society changed my lifestyle! I experienced new things, meet new people and understood that university is more than studying! You will learn to be more competitive, supportive and also increase your teamwork and leadership.

maral competition

So don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy, get fit, meet new people and have fun at university of Portsmouth!

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Greetings from China

Choosing to study abroad can be one of the biggest most life-changing decision a person can make. For me it was completely random. As a Norwegian I had no intention to study abroad (or in England), it sort of just happened. One day I was browsing through the internet, as you do, and suddenly found myself looking at universities abroad. I knew I wanted to study Chinese and quickly discovered that at University of Portsmouth I was able to study International Relations AND Chinese. I applied, and a few weeks later a lovely woman phoned me saying I had been accepted. I was moving to England!

When I stepped off the airplane in September 2012 it was actually my first time in the UK. I spent a few days exploring London before heading down to Portsmouth. The first thing that struck me was how flat it is! And I love the cute brick houses, we don’t have those in Norway. I was very shy to speak English at first, but quickly adapted to a very English accent and people could no longer tell that I am Norwegian. My first year in university was exciting. I lived in Margaret Rule Halls, met some amazing people, joined some societies… It was a lot to take in, so many new impressions, but I never regretted my decision of moving abroad.

My second year was even better, if possible. As you can’t live in Halls second year I moved into a student house in Southsea with four of my friends. I became the Vice President of the Cinema Society, and kept myself busy arranging socials every week, keeping up with my friends, and, of course, studying hard towards my degree. I met so many amazing people in my second year, much thanks to my involvement with the Students’ Union! At the end of the year I really didn’t want to leave.

And now I’m in my third year. Yet again I have moved countries because this year I am on my year abroad in Wuhan, China. I’m here for one year studying a very intensive Chinese course at Central China Normal University. So far it’s all good. I live in the International Students’ Dormitory with students from all over the world. My Chinese is improving rapidly and it’s great to be so close to the Chinese people and culture. One thing is learning a language in your home country, but learning in the country of its origin is a whole other experience.

Having lived in Portsmouth for two years and now in China I have experienced both cultures and been able to travel a lot and learning so much. I believe I may have some interesting stories to tell and I want to share my tips and tricks about university as an international student with all of you new (and recurring) students at University of Portsmouth. I hope you will enjoy your year!

Here are some pictures from my time in uni so far:

Southsea Common

Southsea Common

Trip to The Needles, Isle of Wight

Trip to The Needles, Isle of Wight

Fresher's Fayre 2012

Fresher’s Fayre 2012

Snow in Portsmouth!

Snow in Portsmouth!

International Students' Dormitory in Wuhan

International Students’ Dormitory in Wuhan

Shopping in Wuhan!

Shopping in Wuhan!