Halloween, Portsmouth

Not your Typical Halloween night!


So, Halloween was last night as you all know and of course, Facebook and other social media are on fire with who had the best costume, hair, makeup etc this very morning! People also had pre-Halloween nights before the actual day, which means that the mighty World Wide Web was filled with Halloween-related pictures, articles, DIY ideas for costumes, makeup and decorations for over a week. When I went shopping on the actual Halloween date, people were in lines for last-minute costume shopping. So my advice to you, do not wait until the last day to go Halloween shopping or at any other event, because everything is probably going to be sold out!

Students all around the University went all out, some wearing head-to-toe Halloween costumes, such as cat or dogs onesies, some of them had awesome face painting, and some just wore typical Halloween accessories, like devil’s horns or just a simple scary mask. As you can imagine, all the clubs such as Astoria, Liquid and Pop World had huge queues outside for people to get in and enjoy this traditional, scary day with partying and dancing.

However, I personally had a very different Halloween night than most of students last night! I went to a friend’s house and basically just ordered pizza and watched a horror movie called ‘It Follows’ and then played some scary videogames ! I know, it sounds like the most boring night, but trust me, it was one of the most chilled and fun nights I had in a long time. I feel that Halloween is about getting scared and anxious as well as being a gore experience for people and that was exactly how I felt last night with watching a scary film, playing terrifying video games but, at the same time, having a laugh with my friends!

Therefore, instead of going the usual way, dressing up for Halloween and going clubbing, just put on some normal clothes, relax at your friend’s place and make it a scary experience  in your own special way!

So how did you spend your Halloween night? Was it different like mine was?

XOXO Ntina