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New Term

It takes a little while after summer to get back into the swing of things at Uni. Getting up at a reasonable time, going to bed at a reasonable time and sticking to a routine is not necessarily something that happens during the summer months. Luckily I was really looking forward to getting started again, dare I say it but our break was almost a bit too long, I wanted to see my Uni friends again and actually have a purpose to my life! The novelty of summer wears off pretty quickly when you realise you haven’t actually got many plans. That being said, I went away with friends to Wales and Turkey, went to Cornwall with my boyfriend and family, as well as going to Victorious Festival here in Portsmouth! I also did some part-time work and had plenty of pyjama days.

Starting back with our course was as busy as we anticipated; as per usual our tutors had no delays in dishing out the work. Our first project was set during induction week, though we’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that induction week just doesn’t exist in architecture, there was no plan to coax us back in slowly. It was inevitable from the start that this year is going to be tougher. Our current design project is twice the size of our last and worth half the credits, plus we have half the time! Just a small challenge! However I’m really happy with my tutor this year, he’s been one of my favourite lecturers throughout my first two years and is really constructive when we’re talking about our designs.

One of the most exciting things about this year is that I’ve made it onto teams for the University of Portsmouth Equestrian Club. I was part of the club last year but I can’t wait to get into it a bit more and ride on a regular basis. It’s so nice to still be able to carry on with a sport I really enjoy, even when I’m away from home and my pony!

I’ll be going home for the first time this term next weekend, which is a record for me! I’m still a home girl at heart but I am finding it easier to spend longer periods of time away from my family. That being said, I’m really looking forward to going home and seeing everyone, mostly for going to my brother’s tennis club on Saturday morning where they make the yummiest cakes ever! It’ll be lovely to have one of Mum’s roasts too…


Course, Time Management


I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for a good three and a half hours trying to make a start to this research project. The result – two pages of notes. This project has been looming over me since the 8th of January and I thought it may finally be time to make a start! I’m usually so caught up in my design work that my other units get pushed to the side, but as I’m (sort of) up to date with my current design work (see previous post ‘New Project – the panic has just about subsided – for now!) that I thought it might be time to give History and Theory some TLC. So far, checking emails, updating twitter, upgrading my phone contract, searching Spotify and painting my nails seem to have distracted me some what. What’s worse is knowing that over the road in Yates sits my boyfriend and my flatmates, having a few drinks and watching the football. If it wasn’t due to my stubborn nature of hating football and refusing to go and watch it I would also be over there with them.

The annoying thing is that this work isn’t particularly difficult. It’s partly a group project and partly individual, we’ve each been given a building that we have to research, and then we have to come together as a group and compare our buildings and present our research to everyone else. I’m lucky in that my building is quite well known in the world of Architecture and has a fantastic website which has the majority of the information I need. If you’re interested here is the link – It’s a really interesting building and I’m actually finding the research quite enjoyable, the only problem is that its a little too easy to click on ‘Open new tab’ and go onto Facebook – which in fact hasn’t changed since I looked at it 5 minutes ago. Note to self: Self-control needs to be worked on.

Ironically, I am now writing this blog in order to put off my work, but I’m reassuring myself that at least this is a productive distraction!

Ah well, off to make a cup of tea – and what I will not be doing is finishing off my tub of Ben&Jerry’s (currently 2 for £6 in Sainsburys in case anyone was interested 😉 )



New Project

There’s always a mixture of feelings that comes with a ‘New Project’. There’s the excitement of not knowing what its about and what you’re going to be asked to design, hoping that its something you can relate to, or something you know you’ll have plenty of ideas for, but that is always coupled with a certain fear, as you’re undoubtedly going to be expected to complete it to a higher standard than your previous work. Depending on how the last project went, for example if I didn’t enjoy it, I always look forward to starting afresh and not having to worry about previous work that I maybe wasn’t happy with, being able to put that away to worry about at a different time, however there is also the slight apprehension that this project might be just-as-bad-if-not-a-bit-worse than the last, in which case you know you’re in for another six weeks of trying to find inspiration to complete something which you just don’t find inspiring!

Your true feelings are confirmed as the brief is flung onto the desk in front of you. What’s the title? Is there a picture on the front? This brief uses a lot more paper than the last, it feels heavier, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Sometimes it takes a few goes at reading it through and highlighting bits to truly understand what they’re asking for, each page is feeding you more and more information and its hard to tell if this is complicating matters or clarifying your thoughts in your head. The brief is discussed in peer and studio groups, what does everyone else think of the New Project?  Usually the general feelings are the same, but a mixture of emotions is always inevitable because of the ways people react to them and the ways in which they proceed. There’s also one person who sits quietly panicking to themselves  the one who is excited and already has ideas flowing, the one whose getting angry and complaining that ‘we can’t possibly complete something like this!’

Of course this varies with each project. We’ve had a mixture this year, some have been short, maybe one or two weeks. The length of time always reflects the depth and detail of work the tutors expect. Some projects are completed in groups – something I’ve had mixed feelings about. As a rule I find it quite difficult to work in a group, but this is a skill I have developed over this year and now have a more mature attitude towards – so at least a positive has come out of it!

My New Project (and final project of the year – scary!) is still being processed in my head. I’m feeling excited, as I know this project is more like ones that you would get in ‘real life’ and its also something that you could envisage happening in the future. However it’s also a lot bigger and a lot more complicated that any of the projects we’ve completed in the past. The requirements are larger and more detailed than before, and although we have more time to complete it in, I know already that it’s going to be more intense and compact than than any other work I’ve done this year.

Scared yet excited are definitely my emotions at this moment in time. In the past two days I’ve also experienced panic and hysterical panic, so I think for now we are moving in the right direction.