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I’m On The Air!

At Freshers Fayre this year I joined up with Pure FM, the University’s student radio station. Live broadcasts started this week, and I have been given my own regular show! You’ll be able to catch my programme, Blakey’s ShakeUp, from 8-10pm every Wednesday. I’ll play a range of music with commentary and a bit of banter. Each week will also feature the ShakeUp, a section of the show when I will focus on a particular theme – a specific decade or style of music.

I am of course very nervous, but I am really looking forward to this challenge.

The best way to hear Pure FM is via the Facebook player here. View the range of shows on the official page here. And why not go to my show’s Facebook page here – don’t forget to leave a Like!

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Dark, Cold Nights

Back in July I reminisced about a rainy afternoon spent down the pub with a friend. I wasn’t expecting that three months later I’d be at my laptop once again writing about the rain… but here we are! Fortunately we had some great weather for Fresher’s Fayre but since then it’s been wet, cold, blowy and overcast. I’ve was lugging my umbrella around with me last week, and I’m already wearing socks in bed and jumpers around the house!

I’m currently situated at my desk, a lamp casting warm light over me as I work while a new tune from Muse pumps through the speakers. The lonely wind is gusting against the windows in the deep blackness of the night, but I refuse to give it any attention.

I already feel plunged in with university work, and I’m currently signing up for several activities and clubs to join – so I’ve had to go to many meetings and information evenings over the last week and a half. There’s a lot going on, I’ll keep you informed of how things go!

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And So It Begins Again

Wednesday and Thursday this week were the induction days for Year 2 students in the School of Languages and Area Studies. The lecturers did not waste any time in getting to the big topic – dissertations! As it turns out, preparation for our 10,000 word final-year piece starts early, and by the end of this academic year I will have submitted my finalised research proposal. Although this will undoubtedly take a lot of time and thinking, at least we have been told well in advance – so I’d better make sure I start researching and write a great dissertation!

There wasn’t time to get too caught-up in such thoughts just at the minute, as I made sure to attend the Freshers Fayre in Ravelin Park on both days. What everyone knows about Freshers is the is the free pizza. I’m not entirely sure of free-food etiquette, so I didn’t see any harm in taking (several) second-helpings! There was some great music blasting out of the loudspeakers and tents were packed with revellers and an astonishing array of clubs and societies. I really could not believe that the University has so many different activities to take part in. The weather was great on both days, and being surrounded again by so many other students in the festival-like atmosphere, I felt right at home.

I’m really pleased to be back. I know its going to be a great year. My work this year could be crucial in determining the grade of my degree, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to my studies – lessons start on Monday!

Check out the University of Portsmouth Student’s Union (UPSU) for the variety of Sports on offer and Societies to join. Click here for the University’s sports clubs and here for some fantastic societies, using the links on the left to search different categories.

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Waking Up Too Early, Maybe We Could Sleep In

Hi all.

I just thought I’d better post an update. There are loads of things I could write about, but everything just seems very hectic at the moment! It’s not that the second semester is any harder than the first (it isn’t any easier, mind you!), but I just feel really exhausted at the moment. Maybe I’m still settling into routine. There’s a lot on my mind and I’m already starting to think about next year. We’ve just had to submit our unit choices for year two, and yesterday I attended a meeting on work experience and teaching placements – something I might like to do in the second year.

I really can’t believe that we’re near the end of February already. In only a couple of months I’ll have completed the first year! Of course, I’m looking forward to the summer, but before then there’ll be another set of essays and exams.

I’m still really enjoying the classes, but I’ll admit some mornings I really don’t want to get out of bed. But I force myself to, because I want to get the most out of my education. And once I’m there, it’s always nice to see the lecturers and other students, and then it doesn’t seem so bad at all. Until the next morning…

I’ve used the lyrics of a song by a favourite artist of mine for the title of this post, by Hawaiian born singer-songwriter Jack Johnson. ‘Banana Pancakes’ featured on my favourite album of his, In Between Dreams, from 2005. And seeing as it’s Shrove Tuesday today, this song couldn’t be more apt!

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We Are The People

I know it’s already a few years old, but I found this song by Australian band Empire of the Sun strangely topical for me, as I was recently part of a group presentation about the treatment of indigenous peoples in Brazil and Guatemala.

It’s a really catchy song, and I’m impressed with the video. The song and video seem to go really well together – it seems like a semi-historical dream world.

Please enjoy,  We Are The People by Empire of the Sun  (click link to go to video).