Easter Break

So, it has been a while since I post anything here! Well, sometimes the University takes lots of time and effort from us. But now we are in the middle of Easter Break, then I took sometime to talk a little bit about what I have done so far!

Because it’s Easter, everybody start to think that I went home to see my family, celebrate the Easter with my beloved ones, but this did not happen at all, I can’t go back to Brazil until I finish everything here in the UK, so I did a trip of two weeks in Netherlands and Belgium. I can say these countries are really amazing. If you have the opportunity to go to these places I really recommend to do it. The city of Amsterdam is just one place where you can find amazing museums and canals. Part of the city was just built more or less 10 years ago, because they need space for more people and don’t want to change the style of architecture. I have been in 5 cities in these fourteen days (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ghent, Bruges and Brussels) each one with its uniqueness. I could pass all day talking about these places. But I need to be fast.

After passing by these places which have changed even more my way to see the world, I came up with some little joke, I picked-up my second name and did a list based on the letters of my name about what and how to do a trip and don’t regret about anything. This is a list for me, but you can use if you want. Follow the list:

R – Remember the experiences you have lived.
E – Explore each place with an open mind.
U – Uniqueness, each visit in a place even when you already have been there will be unique.
E – Expectations, go without any expectation once the weather or even the city can surprise you.
L – Live every day of your trip like this will be the last one, so you will never be regretful.

See you next time!

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Fireworks at Gunwharf Quays

As my friends already know, I love photography and they will always see me with my Nikon walking around the city. When I came here in Portsmouth one of the first things that I did was look up the Photography Society (http://www.filmandphoto.org/).

So, on October 31 the Gunwharf Quays were doing a Fireworks show with some promotions and I went to Gosport with the Photography Society. I can say the show was really amazing! I took some pictures. I just started with this new hobby, it is not so easy as you need to study and read a lot if you want to have good shoots!

We caught the ferry which was just £3.10 return, leaving Portsmouth between 6pm arriving by 6h10pm and waited until 7h20pm when the Fireworks started. Between the arrival point and the place on the pier which is where our leader chose for us to be, we saw a lot of photographers waiting for the show.

The main intention of this post is show the pictures of the Fireworks, if you missed this spectacle here is a little bit of it. If you are interested in seeing more of my photos follow the links below:



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Exchange student more than one year Abroad

How the title says, I’m an Exchange Student and I come from very far- I’m from Brazil and I arrived here in May when I started to do PSE (Pre-Sessional English Course), a course to help non-English speakers to improve their English level. So far I can say the experience with the University is really different from Brazil, here we need to be more organized, with time in Brazil we used to have lectures all day, everyday (Mon-Fri) or lectures from 8 to 12. But this is not my real challenge, the real challenge is cooking. Before I arrived in Portsmouth, my skills in the kitchen was near to zero, now I can say: “Cooking is possible to me, thank you Google!”

Well, let me introduce myself my name is Wesley Reuel, I’m from Natal in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, one of the hottest cities in my country. I used to say we have four seasons “Summer, Warm, Hot and Super Hot”, if you like a real beach that is the city you need to go to. I’m doing Software Engineering, and this week I got homesickness. Since the Autumn started it is almost impossible not to feel melancholy. I see leaves falling from trees for the first time because the Autumn is really beautiful but it makes me remember my home where we just have Sun all the time. Besides the homesickness the Autumn colours are really amazing and I think I will miss this time when I’m back home.


Missing Home

Missing Home