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Top Tips For University Open Days!

So seeing as I’m somewhat halfway through my first year at university, I still have the memories of UCAS, personal statements and open days all still fresh in my mind. So I thought I’d share my Five Tips for planning and having a great and informative time when attending open days!


I can not stress enough how important it is to plan ahead in time! When I was planning my university open days I looked at all the ones which were coming up fairly soon, and I then decided to try and go to one a fortnight. I vigorously planned my travel, and sometimes accommodation if they were far, mainly so that I’d get the best deals. Planning about 3 weeks ahead means that train prices will be at an affordable rate – so PLAN AHEAD!


Now this is something I neglected to do, so learn from my mistake! Many people you know will be going with their families but I say to take a friend with you. While going with parents might help make an informed choice it might not always be a critical choice – your parents will always support you with whatever you choose, so taking a friend who can be completely honest with you can help you make more of critical choice as they wouldn’t want you going to a university you won’t like!


Most of the time people, including myself, will move a far distance away from home to go to university (I moved 170 miles!). So making the most of your open day should include a few hours exploring some local sights and hotspots. Not only will you feel a bit more at ease if you do choose to attend that university as you will know some of the area, it is also a great excuse to go shopping – and who doesn’t love shopping?!


When you go on your open day you’ll find people dressed in the university colours, usually holding a large ‘ASK ME’ sign. Talk. To. Them. These Student Ambassadors are able to give you information on everything from how easy is it to find all the university buildings, to what is the social life of the city like. During the day you might not get a lot of time to ask questions to students so when you do – make the most of it!


This is probably my favourite tip that somebody told me! While the day will be full of informative talks and tours you should always have fun! This goes back to having a friend with you, you both could make the whole day more enjoyable for each other!

I hope these 5 tips help when you’re going to your university open days. Remember to ask all the questions you can and make an informed choice about where you want to study for the next 3 years of your life!

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A Reason To Say Yes… Opportunity!

When I was a humble 16 year old boy I took part in the National Citizen Service, which is an opportunity for 15-17 year olds to give back to their community which runs nationwide. It was from this moment that I knew I would definitely go to university. It was only when I got to university this year that I would be gaining more than just a degree.

I had heavily underestimated the amount of activities, societies and sports clubs there were. I chose to join the lacrosse club – which was completely new and foreign to me but I absolutely love it! I joined the karate club – which I had been doing for nearly 4 years and the club were so welcoming and friendly! Aside from these clubs and the societies I joined I really wanted to push myself and expand my skill set… So I did the completely natural thing and decided to start learning Mandarin.

I figured that if 850 million people could speak Mandarin, then what was stopping me from learning it?

I soon realised that this challenge I set myself was probably the epitome of the word challenge. Between remembering the simple phrases and written language that go with it, there really is a lot to learn! However even though I have only been doing it for around a month I feel so enriching knowing that I can have a basic conversation with someone who cannot speak English, not to mention the conversations I can have with myself!

你好。我叫 Kieran。我十八岁。我很好你呢?我的生日是一九九七年四月一七号。今天是二零一五年十月二十五号,星期天。

Hello my name is Kieran. I am 18 years old and you? My birth date is 17th April 1997. Today is the year 2015, the month is October and it is the 25th day, a Sunday.

As you can see, in only 5 weeks you can learn a lot! And that’s not even all I’ve learnt there is a whole plethora of conversation to be had!

If you take away anything from reading please let it be to give everything a chance and say yes to opportunity!

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City Living!

Disclaimer: I have never been around this many people in my entire life!

I’m from a small town in the middle of the country (Yes, The Midlands, they are right between the north and the south!) which no one has heard of. Whenever I meet somebody new and they ask where I’m from I just generalise to Northampton. When really I’m from a small town called Corby in Northamptonshire. Now, I’ve already learned that nobody has heard of it but I had no idea that I would be labelled as ‘northern’. This happens nearly daily and now after a week I’ve come to the conclusion that I am nothern. Or at least northern to the people of the south.

For my enitre 18 years of existence I’ve been used to recognising nearly every face that I pass by on the streets. But since moving to Portsmouth I feel like I am in a scene from Limitless with my brain travelling at tremendous speeds, trying to take in all possible information that I can. It’s only become more evident that I am not a city native when I’m trying to cross the road. I’ll be waiting patiently at the designated crossing, and from the corner of my eye I can see groups of people just crossing at any old section of the road, and quite frankly I do not have that much courage! To think, you are taking on a 2 tonne beast known as a car on it’s home turf with all the confidence of a Spanish matadore – while I’m shying away waiting for the green man to start flashing! I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be jaywalking anytime soon!

Fresher’s Fayre

Fresher’s Fayre. That time of year when every single company, take away, sports club/society all come in one place and try to coax you into joining by offering you free stuff. The amount of leaflets and lanyards I now have means I have a personal pile of free pizza waiting to be collected – which I can assure you it will! I was also featured in a university video all about Fresher’s Fayre which you can check out below: