University Accommodation in Portsmouth, Best place to live in!

First of all, welcome to the University of Portsmouth, either you are first year or last year student, it’s always a new feel to start your year. The most important thing in university life is accommodation, and if you are lucky enough to get into one of the university halls, then it’s much easy to manage everything from studies to work and get yourself settled.

This year (Unite Students) group have taken over nearly all the accommodation buildings of the university and the way they have managed everything is amazing. With the addition of newly built building called Greetham halls, the Unite group has done a fantastic job. University took the decision to extend its accommodation halls because of increase in students especially international so that they can offer them places near the University.

If you have got a place in one of the University’s halls, make sure you plan everything well and take full advantage of it. Try to get yourself settled so in the second year; you can easily move out and carry your daily routine work without any hurdles. During your stay at halls, make good friends, familiarize yourself with studies and last but not least, enjoy the perks of living independently on lowest rates in the city of Portsmouth.