Student blog 1: week 7, 3815 miles…. (109 miles a day multiplied by 5 days a week multiplied again by 7 weeks for those of you who care.)

So a bit of back ground as I am new to this whole blogging thing.(You may also figure out from reading this I am also no literary genius either….)

Never blogged before so be patient with me if I am rubbish, Please?

I studied an undergrad BA business studies at Portsmouth, this was a 4 year course with my third year working full time at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in the marketing department. So after 4 years I decided I wanted to take a Masters, but I was also fed up of being a broke student…

So solution: I work full time for a vehicle leasing and insurance broker as well as studying full time at Portsmouth for the MSC and I also travel to and from Surrey every day as although it’s a massive pain its cheaper than renting a place in Portsmouth end result I’m kind of busy.  Which is why end result you haven’t heard a peep from me until now.

So nothing super exciting for you the reader has happened as far as lectures go. But what has happened is a lot of running around the city to and from my car to lectures back to the car to move it again so I don’t get a ticket (Still managed to get one this year as I paid for parking then put the wrong ticket in the window….) great way to get fit but a giant waste of time so looking into faster ways to get to and from the car.

Oh as if I am not busy enough at the moment I am also saving for my wedding to my fiancé of two years who I met in my first year of university (Rees halls, for anyone feeling particularly nosey.) And I am back and forth with a solicitor working on my hopefully not too far away new company (its super-secret for now so shhhh!) So will it all work out or will I be overloaded and burn out?

Oh and I bought a drone, a big one to go out and about and take some pics from the sky so I may share some of them if any of them are interesting.

Honestly I don’t know so if you stick about you will find out with me.

I think I am done boring you to death for now if you have read this far thank you, and if you are a final year undergrad stressing…. Don’t, if you do your work it’s a breeze, a slow one granted but a breeze none the less

See you next time