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5 Jobs for an International Student Studying Abroad

A blog post from one of our International Student Ambassadors.


While living abroad and away from the comfort of your home, expenses tend to shoot up at the slightest hitch. The fall back option to get over such snags in rising expenses is calling your Mum and asking parents back home for some extra cash. Easier said than done, isn’t it? The embarrassment of asking money all the time or the long wait for the next instalment of your loan to come in.

But wouldn’t it be easier to earn some money on the side, without having to work too much? And rather than falling for the easy money scheme pop-ups on the internet, here are 5 ways you can earn while studying!!


The best option of all. The University has numerous jobs for the students, looking for their experience in the University to guide prospective students and present the University in local and international markets. Common jobs which require no expertise or previous work experience like Student Guides, International Ambassadors, Volunteers for Information and Open Days, Volunteers for Fairs and Exhibitions and other such jobs are always open in the University. Since most of this work is event based, it hardly ever cuts into your course and study time and pays well too, helping you save up for a rainy day. Or you can just apply and get all of the University jobs and be an Alpha on the campus!

international student ambassadors

International Student Ambassadors


Fancy working at your favourite brand shop? You can get free merchandise as a part of your uniform!

Love eating out? You can get a free lunch besides getting paid for working there!

Commercial shops always employ students for part-time work. Be it Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss, Nike or Adidas, or even McDonalds or Subway! The best part is, you can choose the days you want to work, the time you want to work, and it won’t exceed 20 hours a week. With that amount of money, coupled with the perks of store discount or carry-home-food, you’ll be decently settled throughout your stay abroad.


Adding a bit of work experience and practical knowledge of what you are studying distinguishes your CV from everyone else. A part-time placement gets you into the professional working environment early on, clocking in towards your total work experience. Not only does it add to your CV, but it gives you the best opportunity to understand what it is like to work in your field of interest, what to expect from a formal employment, build up your networking and employability skills and plus, it puts you at the forefront of your class, being able to understand everything better than everyone else. Moreover, a placement will always pay better than most other jobs out there.


Undergrad student thinking of pursuing a Masters? Post-grad student thinking of pursuing a Doctorate? You can assist your professors, tutors and supervisors in their ongoing research and get paid for it too. Research Assistants are essentially treated like a member of staff, doing research work handed down by their professor, either singularly or in groups. It is as good as a placement job, as it gets added as a vital work experience on your CV and also gets you a glowing recommendation from your Tutors, which might be rare to say the least.


Social-media savvy? Well then, just use your social media skills to the fullest and get paid for it. Any city with a sizeable student population uses social media to advertise and organise events. These events can be University events, clubbing specials, or even trips and outings. So create an event on Facebook and invite people, distribute flyers, write blogs or act as tour guides, you can have fun and earn at the same time, without doing much work. Talk about easy money, almost seems like a dream job.

Like any student city, many International Students are always on the look-out for all of these jobs to make their life easier. So best to start scouting for the job that you want as soon as you start your term and lay down your worries of budgeting your expenses for a bit and enjoy the experience.

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Street and Break dance at Portsmouth University!

A blog post from one of our International Student Ambassadors.

maralBy Maral Amini

Do you enjoying dancing? Do you want to find brilliant inspired friends at Portsmouth University? Do you want to compete for street and break dance society? If YES you are in a right place!

Firstly let’s see- what’s street and break dance?

The University of Portsmouth offers a range of different classes for street and break dance from beginner to intermediate. Street dance covers locking, house, popping, whacking. We learn different routines with different style each time. Each routine takes about 3 weeks and after 3, 4 routines we will get ready for performances and competitions. I myself joined this society one year ago and I was a beginner. However I improved a lot. I believe the most interesting fact about this society is the people who make it a friendly environment. We have socials every other 2 weeks. We go out and dance! We also practice and show off our moves in the club! 90 % of all the members are international students and I myself, as an international student really enjoy this friendly society. We have students from china, Malaysia, Poland, Iran, Spain etc. I found very close, good friends of mine from this society. We are like a small family for each other. I participated in 2 competitions since I joined this society . The experience is remarkably enjoyable. You have to train more for the competitions, so you get a chance to be with the crew more often. One of the fascinating facts about the people in the society is they are very supportive. I myself sometimes couldn’t get the moves as fast as the others in the crew but the members were so patient and friendly and they help me to improve massively.

maral xmas meal

The competitions are really good experience as you have a chance to see other dance groups and many professionals. This can inspire you to train harder and harder. We also have some charity activities such as dancing to raise money. This is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself and have a chance to get involved in charity activities such as RAG. This society changed my lifestyle! I experienced new things, meet new people and understood that university is more than studying! You will learn to be more competitive, supportive and also increase your teamwork and leadership.

maral competition

So don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy, get fit, meet new people and have fun at university of Portsmouth!

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My Journey from Dhaka to Portsmouth

A blog post from one of our International Student Ambassadors.

AnimBy F M Anim Hossain

There are many factors when someone is considering going abroad to get education; the country, the university, education quality, tuition fees, living cost, weather and so many other factors. I also had to consider all of them. I went through hundreds of university websites every day.

What made University of Portsmouth stand out from other universities in United Kingdom was that this modern university is rising very quickly up in the ranking. University of Portsmouth has been constantly among the top universities considering student satisfaction.

The library and the laboratories of the university seemed outstanding and as a potential MSC Electronic Engineering student, the library and laboratories had to be state of the art for me to consider the university. The tuition fee was very reasonable and on top of that I got a 10% scholarship for being a Bangladeshi student.

The helpful staff at University of Portsmouth helped me with my enquiries very efficiently even before I applied. The application process was very easy and did not require any application fees. I received the response of my application within 3 days of applying which showed me the efficiency of this university. They kept making my decision easier for me as even they helped me find a house for me to stay in to make sure that I have a place to live in the moment I arrived in the United Kingdom. The visa application form of United Kingdom is not easy and the university staff helped me out with that every time I had confusion in answering something in the form.

Even after all of that, I was in a bit of doubt whether I have made the right decision or not. There were a number of other universities that I could have chosen. But after I arrived in Portsmouth, whatever doubt I had went away.

The campus of the university is magnificent. It is a city-based campus with different buildings around the city. Each building is a short walk from each other and walking around the entire campus area has been one of my most favourite activities since I have been here. The library is huge with every resource available for the students. The teachers are extraordinary and they teach with such passion that I have never felt like missing a single lecture. Both the academic and the administrative staff of the university have an open door policy for the students and they are open to all kinds of suggestions.

I am in love with the city of Portsmouth. Coming from Dhaka, the peace and quiet of Portsmouth is quite welcoming. On the other hand living in a very buzzing city my whole life, I love the fact that Portsmouth isn’t too quiet. This city is vibrant when it needs to be. It is the only island city in United Kingdom and the seaside is just 10 minutes away from my house. The seaside of Portsmouth is absolutely stunning. The city is rich with history and I think it’ll take about a week just to see all the historic sites of Portsmouth. The weather is also very pleasant compared to other parts of United Kingdom. It is the warmest part of United Kingdom and coming from Bangladesh, it was easy for me to adjust here. Also London is just 1.5-hour train ride away. I go there whenever I miss Bangladeshi food. I like being this close to London with half the living cost of London.

For the first time in my life I am having fun while studying. The classrooms and laboratories have all the modern equipment needed. It requires incredible amount of hard work to do good in studies over here but the teachers are other staffs are always ready to help. Overall, I can safely say I have made one of the best decisions of my life when I decided to come and study in University of Portsmouth.



May Blog Challenge

The next challenge will be about your university journey. If you are finishing this year how have your experiences shaped you since you first started those many years ago! Are you more mature? More independent? Did you overcome any obstacles to get to where you are now and what new things have you experienced? If you aren’t in your final year write about your journey so far and if you think things will be different when you finally do finish university.
Make your posts engaging and be honest as well as encouraging. Is there anything you wish you could have done or glad that you have accomplished? This is a chance to reflect on your time here.
This challenge is due on the 29th of May but I am aware that many of you would have gone home by then and may not be able to collect a prize so let me know if you would like the challenge to end sooner.
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Freshers Fortnight

As I write on the first day of October I’m thinking back to the first two weeks of being at University. So many emotions have been running through me in these short two weeks. There’s been the homesickness, the excitement, the initial motivation of starting new projects followed by the all to familiar feeling of trying to choose between having some more sleep or actually writing up my notes. I tried to make the most of ‘Freshers’ and in my terms I think I did. Three nights in a row was the maximum for me as I know I don’t function well on zero hours of sleep! I really enjoyed it though and think I found a good balance between social and nightlife to getting involved with my induction lectures and getting organised for everything to start properly.

I’m really lucky that I’ve bonded well with my flatmates and we all get on – we’ve organised ‘flat nights’ where we going to have games nights, take aways, film nights and so on. I think living in halls (James Watson for me) so far has been a really good experience. It’s so easy to make friends, as straight away you’ve met five new people who are all in your position, there’s automatically some common ground that you can cover. I also really like the fact that we’re from all over the world, we’ve got a Geordie, someone from Kent, Sussex and even Cyprus! It really adds a bit of culture – everyone eats different food and has different stories and ways of doing things which is really interesting to discover. We’ve also met quite a few people on our floor so it’s nice to have some other people to go and socialise with, just to get a change of scenery and see some different faces. It’s amazing how quickly you make friends just from meeting friends of friends and so on. I’m also lucky enough to know some people in second year as well so it’s good to have them around for advice and help with anything I need.

So far my course is going really well, we’ve already finished one project and we’re on to the next! I straight away realised that I was going to have to be dedicated from the start, there was no messing about from our lecturers in setting coursework and research tasks! I’ve found it all really interesting though, and as I’m studying a subject which I haven’t done before, it’s all new and exciting.

I’ve also joined ‘Pompey Snow’ the ski and snowboard society. They go once a month to the Milton Keynes SNO!zone, so I’m really looking forward to the first of those in a few weeks time. On top of that, they a run a Christmas and Easter Ski trip and this year they’re to Val Thorens and Les Arcs respectively.  I’ve been to Val Thorens before, so I’m hoping to go with Pompey Snow at Christmas as well! Joining a society is a really good way to meet even more people, and especially to meet people in second, third and even fourth year. They have weekly socials at a local pub on a Sunday, where everyone just chills out, has a roast dinner and a drink. It’s a really friendly atmosphere and a nice way to end the week.

It’s so strange to think that already I have been here over two weeks. In some ways it’s gone quite slowly, it feels like we’ve been here ages just because the people I’ve met I could have been friends with for years. I’ve learnt so much in the last two weeks though, like to always put detergent in the washing machine, and to make sure you’re heating up the right hob ring when cooking pasta! I’m enjoying living as a student, having to look after myself, make my own food and clean up after my cooking, (which some of my flatmates seem to find difficult!) but it does go without saying that I am definitely looking forward to going home this weekend and having Mum cook my dinner!