First Few Weeks At Uni

Let’s start with an introduction…

My name is Ellys and I am a first year English with Psychology student.

The first few weeks at uni were by far the most overwhelming thing that I have had to do. But it was also really cool in that I made friends with the people from my flat within minutes. My first night here consisted of watching High School Musical 1 and 2 while eating junk food. No, I didn’t go out clubbing, but I wouldn’t say that my social life has been doomed because of it.

My friends told me that when I came to uni I would have to go out every night just to make friends, but I’m not big on that whole scene although I do enjoy it from time to time. Anyway, that’s not really the case – I have made friends from my course, from other courses and even with a few people from my accommodation – albeit I can’t remember their names.

Walking into the lecture halls for the first time was entirely too much… I sat alone for the first few and sat in such a way that made it impossible for people to sit next to me. It’s chilled, my awkward finesse finally won people over.

So I guess this is it for now. I’m not entirely sure what else there is to say without sending everyone to sleep. So, until next time when hopefully some type of soap-opera-style drama happens.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask:)

Byee xoxo