Revision Revision Revision

Hello all. 

It’s coming up on exam time, and I am knee deep in some serious revision. As such, I thought it would make sense to share a few of my top tips to make it less stressful and as interesting as it can posssibly be. 

  1. Flash cards are your friend!Different colours and sizes can help visualisation as well as condensing your notes into more manageable chunks. 
  2. Lecture schedules. Ticking off a lecture schedule helps you ensure that there aren’t notes missing or areas you’ve forgotten to revise. 
  3. Past papers. Going through exam style questions can help you get in the mindset. Also, it helps cement knowledge to write down the answers to the areas you’ve been revising. 
  4. Keep a well organised folderDividers and typed up notes help keep things clear in your mind. It’s good to separate subjects in your folder and head. 
  5. Draw diagrams Drawing diagrams can help you visualise difficult areas. If there are things that you just have to learn (such as the arteries above) it’s good to cover the answers and check that you’re right. (Going back to the good old days of year 1 doing “look, cover, write, check”.)

I hope my whistle stop tour of what helps me get through exams helps you out too. 

All the best,