Remember remember the 5th November…

Remember remember, the 5th of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot,

I see no reason why Gunpowder, treason,

Should ever be forgot. 


Bonfire night. Guy Fawkes night. Fireworks night. Bonfires are lit and fireworks are sent into the sky creating beautiful displays for all to see. This year I came home for fireworks night to go and see my local fireworks display. With a few lot of layers on we braved the cold and went to see the display.



The bonfire.

The field, when we arrived, was already absolutely packed. Luckily it was on a hill so we headed to the very top to get the best view, (also helped as I am quite small..)  The fireworks were a little late but eventually the countdown began and the first firework raced into the sky. The fireworks display is set to music but you couldn’t really hear it over the fireworks.


The finale was crazy there were so many fireworks being let off at once you didn’t really know where to look!



I do not think the photos quite showed how amazing the last seconds were so I will post the video. (Sorry for the camera movement but as you can see there was just SO much going on!!)

Bonfire night also marks a week till my birthday, which I am very excited about!! The next time I write on my student blog I will be 20…..oh goodness….I may do a special extra blog post next week but we will have to see how much work I have to do! I am hoping to have none on my birthday!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I made a slideshow using WordPress as there were SO many photos and I could not possibly fit them all on a page! This blog post has had a lot of photos but I love photos of fireworks so hopefully, you will too!

See you next week! 🙂

Rhi x




3 thoughts on “Remember remember the 5th November…

  1. As a previous Portsmouth Uni student waaaaay back in the day (2004) it’s great to have found the blog and read some of your posts.

    Who doesn’t love a guy fawkes night out? Hope you had a great birthday and keep posting!

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