The first few weeks at uni…

The first few weeks being a second year have not been as bad as I thought they would be. Having been in Portsmouth since the 8th September I am slightly relieved that everything is starting back now. The city is a buzz and Portsmouth is not so much of a “ghost town” that it was a month ago.

It is almost strange being a second year, I know where everything is and I know what to expect from lectures but maybe most importantly, this year counts towards my degree!

The first weeks of lectures have not been as bad as I anticipated, rather than chucking everything at us, they have eased us in and made me feel a lot better about second year (which I have been told is a big step up from first….but so far….so good….)

I am excited for what the year holds, Faculty Rep for CCI and on RAG committee are both exciting roles and I am thoroughly enjoying both of them. I have rejoined societies such as horse riding, tap and even have a show on Purefm again! As well as all these societies and roles I have also decided to do the “Great South Run” as part of my fundraising for Anthony Nolan. The Great South Run is a 10 mile run around Southsea and having watched all the  runners run past my halls last year I am excited to be one of them and hope to complete the run in a good time!  Massive thanks to Anthony Nolan who have given me so much support for this event and for sending me a running vest!

*If you want to donate just go here- https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Rhiannon-Jenkins3* #sorrynotsorry

I hope everyone has had a good first few weeks at university! I will leave you with some photos of my first few weeks.

Next week….I will be showing you how to make crepes! Yummy!

See you next week!



Rodney 🙂


Sunset on the way to Matilda…


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