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Maximising the start of Uni

I’m Chris, a third year Computing student with an affection for all things tech.

Back at uni! Plus, it’s my final (third) year!

When I think of the word ‘final’ in relation to something, I associate it with almost being done and things generally petering off, but that’s not the case here. Between the most advanced units on my course, the year-long project and applying to graduate jobs, the final year is no place for procrastination. On the flip side, I’m going to take a safe bet and predict that time will go just as quick as in prior years, with deadlines coming like buses while working relentlessly on anything and everything.

All the same, you can’t just keep a workaholic attitude going – which is why I’d encourage ‘finding your Zen’, not to sound too mystical, but just a kind of meditative state – why do you think you come up with new thoughts and ideas when you’re in the shower or about to sleep?

Leading on from ideas, having a supervisor for a final year project is so important as you can bounce thoughts off them and they can provide confirmation of your own intentions, but with friends/family/tutors this can be done any-time at university and it’s a shame many people don’t develop their own ideas within topics more while at university.

After a rather standard summer food-wise, it’s nice to shop around and try the odd crazy recipe. I know I’m not alone in this, but when making a meal from a new recipe it’s reassuring to make sure that even if the recipe goes wrong there’s enough to recover for a meal.

Despite the hustle and bustle of a uni year, you should certainly check out what the Union’s offering, I’ve found some interesting events from the Union website which don’t get widely advertised, not just sport but many happenings of interest, for example at the end of October I’ll be going to a talk and signing of an author I’ve read since high school.

Just an introduction so I kept it short, they’ll not doubt be more stuff coming up soon…if you’ve got something exciting lined up let me know!


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