Allow me to introduce myself…


    My name is Felicity and this is my first blog post! I’ve been trying hard to think of a topic, so I thought I would just start by introducing myself.
    I’m a second year therapeutic radiography student at the University of Portsmouth and a Pompey citizen born and bred. (I just couldn’t leave.)
    Therapeutic radiography I hear you ask? (Not to worry, my dad still doesn’t know what it is either!) Therapy radiography (A.K.A. Radiotherapy) is the treatment of cancers and benign tumours using radiation. We use X-rays and radioactive sources to treat a wide range of cancers. Cancer research UK has recently published that radiotherapy cures cancer in around 50% of patients, more people than chemotherapy drugs. Seeing as how around 50% of cancer patients will undergo radiotherapy, that’s a lot of lives saved.
    It is a dynamic and incredibly rewarding career that I am so excited to be a part of. Just as I am excited to keep you up to date with the manic life of a healthcare student.
     Any questions? Just hit the comments section.
Much love,

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