Fun things to do in Autumn.

With summer coming to a close and autumn swiftly creeping upon us, I thought now would be the perfect time to talk about some of the events that are going to be held in the local area.

Portsmouth is a seaside city and this leaves most people forgetting that there are a lot more things to do and see apart from grabbing an ice cream at the pier and basking in the sun.

Halloween is fast approaching and Portsmouth has a lot of exciting and different things happening in and around the city centre.

If you find yourself stuck for ideas on a weekend then why not make the effort to travel a little outside of Portsmouth (only a half an hour drive) and visit the local apple picking farm. Having been around since the 1950’s, Hill Farm Orchards is the perfect place to pick apples, have it be for fun Halloween games or for a quick bite to eat.

Portsmouth is also home to the infamous ‘Ghost Walks’ hosted by Dark Encounters. But this is not for the faint-hearted! Costumed historical characters will take you for a wander through the cities ancient streets, shocking you with some horrifying and gruesome facts on the city’s most famous tales.

If a ghost walk doesn’t take your fancy then join the rest of the city as they watch Portsmouth’s 22nd Halloween Parade on the 31st October at 7pm, starting at Pierce Island. You won’t be disappointed with the costumes, music, dances that happen on this particular night. They also invite you to join in with the fun as everyone is welcomed to dress up!

If you can’t make the parade then not to worry as a ‘Pumpkin Smash’ will be held on the following weekend (October 24th) at the Portsmouth Farmers Market between 8am – 2pm. Simply go along smash a pumpkin and win a prize! Good fun for all ages.

Hopefully these ideas have helped you come unstuck for things to do around the autumn period and also make your Halloween weekend that little more interesting.


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