The start of the second year…

Tomorrow is the beginning. The beginning of my second year at the University of Portsmouth. Nervous? Yes! Scared? Maybe. Ready to take on year two? Of course! It is very weird being a second year, seeing the new students remembering you were one of them last year. The city is a buzz and you can definitely tell everyone is back!

Lectures start tomorrow and with new buildings to tackle, new units to study for and new lecturers to stand before me  I am ready to tackle everything that year 2 throws at me. I am excited to be CCI Faculty representative, to be on committees and to be part of clubs I was a part of last year.

Last week was induction week and as part of Fresher’s Fayre, I dressed up as “Ralphie the Rag bear” and went round giving hugs, being in photos and having fun! It was so much fun but I was very very smelly by the end of it! The outfit was also far too big for me and ended up having to hoist it up every 5 seconds!


Being Ralphie promoting ITSOC. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 09.07.13.png

Chilling by a boat- I tried to get in it but was very hard to see! 

I am hoping that I will probably blog on a Sunday morning so look out for my blogs then! I hope you enjoy my blogs this year and looking forward to writing them.

Rhi, signing off….


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