University Accommodation in Portsmouth, Best place to live in!

First of all, welcome to the University of Portsmouth, either you are first year or last year student, it’s always a new feel to start your year. The most important thing in university life is accommodation, and if you are lucky enough to get into one of the university halls, then it’s much easy to manage everything from studies to work and get yourself settled.

This year (Unite Students) group have taken over nearly all the accommodation buildings of the university and the way they have managed everything is amazing. With the addition of newly built building called Greetham halls, the Unite group has done a fantastic job. University took the decision to extend its accommodation halls because of increase in students especially international so that they can offer them places near the University.

If you have got a place in one of the University’s halls, make sure you plan everything well and take full advantage of it. Try to get yourself settled so in the second year; you can easily move out and carry your daily routine work without any hurdles. During your stay at halls, make good friends, familiarize yourself with studies and last but not least, enjoy the perks of living independently on lowest rates in the city of Portsmouth.


Welcome Back

It feels absolutely wonderful to be back in Portsmouth for my third and final year. It feels much less wonderful knowing this is the beginning of the end. Portsmouth has brought me some of the best friends I have ever had and endless opportunities and experiences. I have made it my home and the idea of leaving is heart-wrenching. Now I am determined to make the most of my remaining time here.

This is only a quick post to welcome everyone back and have a little reflect on my two years spent in this fantastic city! I hope it encourages first and second years alike to spend their time wisely here. Thank your lucky stars you are where you are now because this time will escape you quicker than you can even imagine right now.

Here’s to another wonderful year!


The start of the second year…

Tomorrow is the beginning. The beginning of my second year at the University of Portsmouth. Nervous? Yes! Scared? Maybe. Ready to take on year two? Of course! It is very weird being a second year, seeing the new students remembering you were one of them last year. The city is a buzz and you can definitely tell everyone is back!

Lectures start tomorrow and with new buildings to tackle, new units to study for and new lecturers to stand before me  I am ready to tackle everything that year 2 throws at me. I am excited to be CCI Faculty representative, to be on committees and to be part of clubs I was a part of last year.

Last week was induction week and as part of Fresher’s Fayre, I dressed up as “Ralphie the Rag bear” and went round giving hugs, being in photos and having fun! It was so much fun but I was very very smelly by the end of it! The outfit was also far too big for me and ended up having to hoist it up every 5 seconds!


Being Ralphie promoting ITSOC. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 09.07.13.png

Chilling by a boat- I tried to get in it but was very hard to see! 

I am hoping that I will probably blog on a Sunday morning so look out for my blogs then! I hope you enjoy my blogs this year and looking forward to writing them.

Rhi, signing off….


Hello and Welcome…again!

So after a summer filled with horse riding, horse riding and more horse riding, (and the odd musical theatre show and days out with friends…) I am finally counting down the days till I go back to university for my second year. Summer for me started in late May so I am looking forward to going back to university and get my head down.

If this is your first time reading my blog then let me introduce myself. My name is Rhiannon and I study Television and Broadcasting. I became a student blogger last year and when asked whether I wanted to stay on this year the answer was a resounding “Yes!” Winning the student blogger prize last year gave me confidence to continue with my blogs this year and to keep writing for the University of Portsmouth.

This year on my blog I aim to do more food ideas for uni as my “Easy Meal ideas for university” was the most liked blog I posted last year. I hope to have a schedule sorted (in amongst my volunteering, workload and meetings) to structure my blogs a bit more and to have more of a focus each week. Hopefully when I get my new timetable I will be able to update you with all my activities and posting schedule!

For now though, enjoy some photos of me and Parker (my loan pony over the summer). I improved so much with him and I cannot wait to rejoin the equestrian club this year to further my equestrian skills and knowledge!





A very dirty mirror …but a mirror selfie all the same 😛