Portsmouth is a Wonderful Ghost Town Now Summer’s Here

Now I understand almost all ‘freshers’ will have moved out by now. From what I remember the last day in May signalled the end of our contracts will halls and even if anyone was placed in a house instead you will more than likely be back home by now… But those of you in second and third year may still be here.

I’m still here! My tenancy doesn’t run out until 4th July but I’m planning on hanging around until next week.

It’s insane how quiet Portsmouth is without the hordes of students. It’s a bit of a ghost town but I must say I’m enjoying it. You can really see, in their absence, just how much the city thrives on students. It really is a different place in the holidays from term time.

To me, it didn’t make sense to go home just yet. I have two whole months (July and August) to spend a home and wanted to spend some time making the most of the luxury of little commitment in Portsmouth. I am loving guilt-free lie ins and walks to the beach, trying out new cafes and restaurants and spending time with my uni friends without the worry of deadlines.

I am working at my part-time job as much as possible to save some money to really have a relaxing summer and not have to worry about uni, work or money. Two (as of yesterday) out of my housemates have moved out which is sad to see. The empty rooms are horrible to walk past but we have all had such a fantastic year together that we aren’t moving for third year. It’s a pain having to move everything out only to move it all back in again in two months time but it’s got to be done!

So for now? Time to relax, enjoy and appreciate the wonderful city we live in!


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