The end of Second year

It is my first week back home for summer and I can already say I am missing Uni. This year has gone so quickly and surprisingly a lot quicker than first year. Although second year comes with a lot more work than first it was still a lot of fun!

Moving into a new house was exciting especially with 7 other people, it was like halls all over again but a tad quieter. My course got a lot more interesting as I was allowed to pick 3 units that I wanted to take on for a whole year and was not limited to just compulsory ones. Although I feel I could have done a little better than expected I still surprised myself with some of the marks I received.

The social aspect of Second year was still at a high yet I was more strict with myself when it came to important deadlines and of course exam season. I had two exams and hopefully they were the last exams I will ever sit!

Since I have finished Second year all I can say is that my time has been filled with friends, food and a lot of alcohol. Although I am missing being in the action of Uni I am very much content with being at home.  I am in the comfort of my family and most importantly a CLEAN house with lots of food that I haven’t bought!

Summer holds a few exciting things for me including a months work experience at a Publishing company in London, a weekend away in Dublin and Edinburgh and Bestival with a few close friends in September.

Although sad to be moving on to my last year at University I can thankfully say that this year/term has been a good one. I have grown closer to friends (3 of them who I will be living with next year) and met so many new people. I have explored Portsmouth a lot more by making use of the beach which is just round the corner of my home to eating at so many unique cafe’s and restaurants that Portsmouth has to offer.

So here’s to third year! (and to a lot tears and stress)


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