Writing for Myself VS Writing for Uni

As some of you may know I study Creative & Media Writing at University here. Writing is my absolute passion in life (hey, look, I’m doing it right now!) and so it seemed the logical thing to pursue it at University. And I love it, really, I do, I have just found myself doing it less and less for fun and more and more to fit a brief.

This summer I really want to rediscover my love for writing. I want to not see it as a chore or a task to be completed but like I used to: as a hobby. I can’t pinpoint where it was that I lost this love and stopped writing anything which wasn’t for a particular task and aiming for a particular mark. I realised it very recently when I was collecting some poems together for an open mic night and I couldn’t find any new material. I ended up recycling some old poems I wrote before I even started uni at age 16. It really hit me when looking through these old poems just how much I used to write. I used to write every single day without fail and just because that was what I wanted to do. I did it for fun, for me.

So I am going to thoroughly enjoy my time off of deadlines and set briefs. I am going to write for nothing but myself. I am going to rediscover my love for writing and hope that it comes with me into my third and final year at university. Arts students: don’t let the pressure of uni stop you from loving your course and your art. Remember the importance of enjoying what you do and doing it for yourself and not just for your lecturers.


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