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Onto the Final Project!


This semester was full of course works, proposals and reports that needed to be handed in at similar deadlines and therefore I had to really commit in delivering them correctly and on time. I’ve spent probably the last month and a half in the library with classmates and friends studying non-stop at the University’s library, trying to get everything organised and prepared as the workload was overwhelming, compared to the last semester of university. Thankfully, everything was done and ready on schedule.


After everything was handed in, I went back to Cyprus to spent some time relaxing with family and friends before I start on my final project. The final assignment that students in the MA Digital Marketing department have to do is simply building a digital marketing campaign either with an existing business or with a business that students want to create themselves.

I personally have chosen to work with a real business and I was lucky enough to find a hair and nail salon located outside of Portsmouth that needs help with the digital marketing aspect of their business.  Therefore, I will spend my summer here trying to study and improve the business’ image. However, I will also try to have a vacation during this summertime, as I’m already planning to go to Athens, Greece to visit my friend there, so I can’t wait 🙂

How do you plan on spending your summer?

XOXO Ntina


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