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How To Pack Up/move out Your Dorm Room

So this is it the final week at University. Beside reminiscing all the memories and hours in the library studying there’s actually one more thing that I have to worry about: packing. Moving out is much more difficult when you don’t have your parents around to help you organise all the clothing, knick knacks which you’ve accumulated over the year! It can be overwhelming to think about leaving the place that you have called ‘home‘ for the past year. Here are some tips on how to pack up/move out:


1. First off, don’t leave all the packing on the last day, you can start packing small amounts at a time and set up some small goals each day to accomplish. If you’re coming back in the new term, you may consider renting a storage unit with a friend who also plans to return.

2. Start packing your clothes early. Pack away your winter clothing first that you definitely won’t wear now. Then move on to everything else.


3. Throw out trash, clothes, wrappers, old papers or the things that you don’t need.Recycle the papers. Instead of discarding (and therefore wasting) the other items, give them to a friend or a dorm mate or leave it in a place for anyone to take.

4. Tidy up. Purge the fridge. Sweep and vacuum your dorm room, throw away any remaining garbage in the trash. Clean the bathroom and leave the room as the first time when you moved in.

5. Return the key to the hall reception and redirect your mail.


Comment below if you’ve any other tips on moving out/packing up. Good luck to everyone moving out!



Writing for Myself VS Writing for Uni

As some of you may know I study Creative & Media Writing at University here. Writing is my absolute passion in life (hey, look, I’m doing it right now!) and so it seemed the logical thing to pursue it at University. And I love it, really, I do, I have just found myself doing it less and less for fun and more and more to fit a brief.

This summer I really want to rediscover my love for writing. I want to not see it as a chore or a task to be completed but like I used to: as a hobby. I can’t pinpoint where it was that I lost this love and stopped writing anything which wasn’t for a particular task and aiming for a particular mark. I realised it very recently when I was collecting some poems together for an open mic night and I couldn’t find any new material. I ended up recycling some old poems I wrote before I even started uni at age 16. It really hit me when looking through these old poems just how much I used to write. I used to write every single day without fail and just because that was what I wanted to do. I did it for fun, for me.

So I am going to thoroughly enjoy my time off of deadlines and set briefs. I am going to write for nothing but myself. I am going to rediscover my love for writing and hope that it comes with me into my third and final year at university. Arts students: don’t let the pressure of uni stop you from loving your course and your art. Remember the importance of enjoying what you do and doing it for yourself and not just for your lecturers.

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6 things International Student needs to know

For most international students, coming to study in the UK can be exciting, or intimidating. In order to enjoy both studying and living abroad, it is crucial to be fully prepared. After staying in Portsmouth for 8 months, I’ve spoken to a number of international students and marked down a few things that international students have to think about before arriving in the UK.

  1. Research

It would be good if you speak to anyone already in the UK or the alumni from your country. I’ve asked my friend who is a graduate from the University of Portsmouth and she helps me a lot in the process of applying the course. The next step is have a look on the University website for an idea of the things you might need to consider. Besides, don’t be afraid to contact the university directly to ask about the course details or other arrangements. Besides, there are always local advisers or agencies that provide details on studying in Portsmouth. Learn about the clubs and societies here at the University of Portsmouth.

2. Be academically prepared

If English is not your mother tongue, try to improve it to a level where you can feel confident about using it both academically and socially. Check out Global café in Park Building on every Wednesday, you will be able to meet friends from all over the world.

3. Working in the UK 

International Students usually pay a higher tuition fees than domestic students. Luckily, the Purple Door supports students to find jobs or career planning. Getting a part-time job not only provides some extra money, but also an opportunity to extend your networks and improve your language skills.

4. Student accommodation
Accommodation is one of the most important things that you’ve to concern about because this is where you’ll spend most of your time, meet your first friends and where you have to sleep! Normally you will get into student halls as an international student, here are some advice on choosing student accommodation.

5. Freshers’ Fayre


This is a week held at the start of the academic year which involves all the way from induction to huge bar crawls, find your way around your campus, clubs and societies and start to get used to living in the UK. As an international student, you’ll find some particular events that are designed for international students such as coach trip to Brighton or Oxford.

6. Finally, the Weather

The weather in UK is unpredictable. Even if the sun is shining, rain clouds can quickly appear and result in short, heavy downpours. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and always carry an umbrella (even though sometimes it’s too windy to use an umbrella).



As always, feel free to ask questions or add anything else in the comments below. 🙂

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Onto the Final Project!


This semester was full of course works, proposals and reports that needed to be handed in at similar deadlines and therefore I had to really commit in delivering them correctly and on time. I’ve spent probably the last month and a half in the library with classmates and friends studying non-stop at the University’s library, trying to get everything organised and prepared as the workload was overwhelming, compared to the last semester of university. Thankfully, everything was done and ready on schedule.


After everything was handed in, I went back to Cyprus to spent some time relaxing with family and friends before I start on my final project. The final assignment that students in the MA Digital Marketing department have to do is simply building a digital marketing campaign either with an existing business or with a business that students want to create themselves.

I personally have chosen to work with a real business and I was lucky enough to find a hair and nail salon located outside of Portsmouth that needs help with the digital marketing aspect of their business.  Therefore, I will spend my summer here trying to study and improve the business’ image. However, I will also try to have a vacation during this summertime, as I’m already planning to go to Athens, Greece to visit my friend there, so I can’t wait 🙂

How do you plan on spending your summer?

XOXO Ntina

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A homage to Brawlings Farm.

Every day is another day. Another day closer to my yard at home closing down. Another day closer to knowing that my safe haven, my home, my family will no longer be. Its weird to think that I will be going somewhere else and going back to square one. A place I know only too well.

5 or so years ago we went away for new years and had booked us to have a riding lesson. The horses were a bit excited as it had snowed. We did some jumping and were told not to jumping position. I fell off and since then I became a very nervous rider. What scared me most was that I would fall off and break something to not ride for weeks on end. Riding for me was not just about being around horses and learning a new skill it was also about the people. The people I knew would be there week in, week out to tell me everything was okay and to help me when I got nervous or got on a pony I hadn’t ridden before. Everyone felt like a sister to me and I really enjoyed spending sunny days at the yard. Every year I would go to pony club camp and always had so much fun and I saw a definite improvement in my riding.

The one thing I have learnt about myself as I have got older is that I do not cope well with change, so knowing that the next time I ride at Brawlings will be my last is certainly hitting a nerve as I know I will have to find a new riding school and build up a rapport with new instructors and new people. I don’t like change and I struggle to cope with change and it is going to be very weird at first not driving to Brawlings every Saturday with the biggest smile on my face and just the happiness I cannot explain. The thing is- nothing will be Brawlings and this is something I have had to come to accept over the past weeks. Nothing is comparable to the place I loved and made so many great memories over the years.

The one person who has completely taken me under their wing is Carolyn and I know when the day comes I wont be able to say what I want  to say as I will probably be crying my eyes out but I am so thankful to Carolyn and all the instructors at Brawlings for always looking after me. Carolyn, you nurtured me after that fall and made sure I was never harsh on my self. You pushed me on difficult horses who I soon came to love and I honestly would not be where I am today without you. I have so much more confidence now and although I get frustrated easily when I have to jump but I am getting there and it is all about increasing my confidence and just having fun.

I want to say thank you to every instructor at Brawlings who has helped improve my riding and have always made me feel so welcome. The friends I have made I will cherish forever and I hope to be able to keep in contact with them for many years to come. I feel although I will never been Ben Maher I have achieved some personal goals whilst riding at Brawlings and I will never forget the laughs we had (when girths were too loose or words were said in funny ways). Thank you especially to Judy for making Brawlings the best days of my life.



One of the earliest photos I can find from Brawlings. (2009)


Fizz (2013)




My first pony club camp on Lily.


The last christmas eve party- again on Lily. (2015)

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Two Years Down, One To Go

I feel like I should be feeling a lot more relieved right now than I actually do. I HAVE FINISHED MY SECOND YEAR AT UNIVERSITY. Wow.

There are so many mixed emotions which come with finishing a year of study. On one hand I feel immensely proud of everything I have done. I have achieved so so much and come so far in the last year. Yet also I feel quite sad. The looming reality of life after uni is starting to really dawn on me. One. More. Year.

It’s insane how quickly the time seems to be going; it feels like mere months ago I was a fresh-faced first year, battling my way up the stairs in Bateson Halls armed with a load of cooking utensils I would never take out of the packaging but needed ‘just in case’, ready to meet my new housemates. It feels like weeks ago I moved into my house I have now been living in for 8 months. I feel a little scared if I’m honest.

I can’t believe my time at Portsmouth is slowly but surely drawing to an end. My heart is sinking as I am writing this just to think about the prospect of leaving. I am so blessed to have spent the time here that I have. A year seems so far away: so much will happen in that time… And yet I think back on the past two and fear that the third will disappear into memories just as quickly.

For now, I am going to enjoy the sea, take trips to my favourite little cafes, exploit the fact we have countless outlet stores at Gunwarf Quays, ride my bike around the most flat city ever and breathe in the sea air! I love Portsmouth so much. I am going to make the most of my remaining time here like I have tried to for the previous two years. I am lucky enough to have the advantage of my course finishing early, meaning I have free time to appreciate Portsmouth.

To all students here: enjoy your time here, do not take it for granted. To future students: coming to Portsmouth will almost certainly be the best three(+) years of your life. And to myself? Here’s to the next and final year!