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A Few Study Tips to Achieve your Goals in Exam

I would have assumed that the end of term is supposed to be dull and exhausting, and course, the FINAL EXAM. Most of us know the basics like make a clear plan, find a distraction-free study corner, get plenty of sleep , etc. Here are some other study tips, try any of these..

      1. Form a study group

        Why not form a study group with friends? Sometimes it would be better not to study solo, it’ll provide you with moral support, and also motivate you to achieve good grades.

      2. Embrace New Technologies

        Imagine that a Facebook notification pops up when you’re revising, so you check it out and waste another few minutes. To avoid distractions like this, the SelfControl app helps you block websites for a certain amount of time. This allows you to concentrate on your studies as well as to avoid sporadically checking social networks or your email.

      3. Eat brain-boosting foods

        A typical mistake that students make throughout the exam periodis to eat poorly and unhealthily. Keep your brain well-functioned by choosing nutritious foods that help memory and concentration such as fish, nuts, yogurt and fruits. Avoid energy drinks, go for a cup of coffee instead – who doesn’t like the smell of coffee? Warning: Don’t overdose!

Finally, and I know this might sounds cheesy, but I have one last piece of advice for you all.

Trust yourself and Trust your abilities.

Good luck!


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