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A Few Study Tips to Achieve your Goals in Exam

I would have assumed that the end of term is supposed to be dull and exhausting, and course, the FINAL EXAM. Most of us know the basics like make a clear plan, find a distraction-free study corner, get plenty of sleep , etc. Here are some other study tips, try any of these..

      1. Form a study group

        Why not form a study group with friends? Sometimes it would be better not to study solo, it’ll provide you with moral support, and also motivate you to achieve good grades.

      2. Embrace New Technologies

        Imagine that a Facebook notification pops up when you’re revising, so you check it out and waste another few minutes. To avoid distractions like this, the SelfControl app helps you block websites for a certain amount of time. This allows you to concentrate on your studies as well as to avoid sporadically checking social networks or your email.

      3. Eat brain-boosting foods

        A typical mistake that students make throughout the exam periodis to eat poorly and unhealthily. Keep your brain well-functioned by choosing nutritious foods that help memory and concentration such as fish, nuts, yogurt and fruits. Avoid energy drinks, go for a cup of coffee instead – who doesn’t like the smell of coffee? Warning: Don’t overdose!

Finally, and I know this might sounds cheesy, but I have one last piece of advice for you all.

Trust yourself and Trust your abilities.

Good luck!

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Not-Quite ‘Bucket Lists’

Anyone who has read any of my posts before knows I am a list maker. I LOVE WRITING LISTS. They keep me feeling calm and organised (even when I’m not!).

In case anyone missed the post I wrote back in January, I have started a little tradition with myself at the New Year. Here‘s the link for anyone curious. I don’t quite think I can call my mini ‘bucket lists’ a tradition yet as I’ve only done one, but I wrote a ‘to do’ list for the academic year.

On my very first day in my new house in Portsmouth, 4th September 2015, I sat down and I wrote a list of everything I wanted to achieve this year. This included things like actually getting into the sea (still haven’t done it – it’s so cold!), pitching an article to The Debrief (I did it!), travelling to Budapest or Croatia (Budapest is booked for June), performing at an open mic poetry night (I now help to run one as well) and finally showing people my music (I have my fifth gig on Tuesday). So all-in-all seems successful. I feel like I may have forgotten some things I haven’t done so I am going to have another look over it and see what else I can tick off before September comes around again.

First year went so quickly for me and I felt, whilst I loved every second, I could have done more. I could have made the most of it more and pushed myself even further. I wanted to ensure that now I am settled in Portsmouth that I did more. My list has helped me to do that, to ensure I am achieving all the things I want to achieve. It helps me to push myself and focus on my goals.

Of course there is the argument that if I find, come September, that I have failed many of my goals I may feel unnecessarily sad despite what I may have achieved. I prefer to look at it like this: say I haven’t achieved half of my goals, that would be a shame, but I HAVE ACHIEVED THE OTHER HALF. Even if I only achieve one goal, that’s still one goal more than I had the previous year. Here’s a little advice on how to get started.


  1. Don’t set unreasonable goals – you’ll only be disappointed.
  2. Really think what it is what want to achieve. It’ll help motivate you.
  3. Don’t set too many! Pick your top five uni/career goals and your top five life/leisure goals. Do a few simply because they’re fun!
  4. Push yourself, but not too hard. Know your limits. Have you always been too scared to try out for a sports team or too shy to talk to that girl in your Monday afternoon class who seems great? Push yourself to do the things you want to do but don’t say you want to achieve a first in every single piece of work you hand in. That’s pushing yourself too far and setting unrealistic goals (unless you are a complete genius – but even genius’ mess up sometimes!).
  5. Don’t stress too much over it. I find mine helps me focus and subconciously makes me do things I perhaps would normally shy away from.
  6. Have fun!

If you give it a go, let me know. It’d be great to hear what some of you are putting on your lists. I’m off to begin writing mine for next year now!


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Busy Busy Busy Busy

I’m a little ashamed at how long it’s been since I’ve written a post (*cough*two months*cough). From September to February I can proudly say I wrote one roughly every two weeks but alas with the tightening grip of deadlines I have been somewhat absent from the blog.

I haven’t spent this time shying away from writing though! I have written a short story, a screenplay, twelve poems, two articles, a review and a lot a lot a lot of essays! It’s been rather hectic to say the least. I can imagine any of you reading this right now can sympathise.

Still, no excuse for how long I have been gone. I did also take a trip to Spain amongst all that so it hasn’t been all work-based! On Saturday I return to Portsmouth to finish off my second year here. It’s insane how quickly the time has gone. I remember returning after Easter last year and feeling a slight sadness that my first year at university was coming to a close. I had achieved so much in my short time and met some wonderful people who I can confidently say I will be close to for life, now. It’s jarring that I am now here again. Where does the time go? I imagine I will be writing a very similar post this time next year (apart from the not posting for two months part – let’s not do that again!). This time next year, when I am weeks away from being an actual graduate-cum-real-life-adult. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I’m not convinced I ever will be!

However, I am beginning to take some (sort of adult) steps towards my future. I am setting aside money for driving lessons/car/insurance when I graduate so I can get myself from A to B when I’m living God-knows-where. I am also going to move my life savings bit-by-bit, when my current ISA ends in August, into a home-savers ISA. As very kindly explained to me by my Auntie who works in a bank, you can put away a certain amount per month and when you go to put down a deposit on a house/mortgage the Government give you 25% of what you’ve saved for free! Wahoo! So, if you have a partner and you both save £12,000 each, the Government will give you £3,000 each so you have an extra £6,000 total to put down on a house. So maybe it’s not so much of a hopeless dream to get our feet on the housing ladder after all?

I have also applied to do work experience over summer with my favourite online magazine ever – The Debrief. So fingers crossed there! I feel like now that I’ve written it down I’ve jinxed it. I won’t even write it in my calendar because it’ll make me too sad to have to cross it out if I don’t get the placement.

I have one more final exam in about two weeks which makes me feel so scared I want to cry but I’m slowly getting there with my revision. I’m writing my lists and breaking it down so it seems more manageable.

I’m really starting to have to think about life after uni now, not that I want to! It’s ever so exciting but also absolutely terrifying. With how busy this academic year has been I can only imagine what I’m in for when my final year begins. Big things are coming up and I hope I manage to take the right steps to lead me to a happy future after this big university adventure draws to a close.

This blog post has been rather disjointed as it is really just an update – these are the many things I have been up to and here’s where I propose to go from here! I absolutely promise promise promise I will post within the next week. The deadline hell is over and I can get back to what I love most: writing.


Star Blogger award!

On the 18th March it was announced that I had been awarded the Star Blogger award and had won myself a very snazzy Samsung tablet. Being announced as Star Blogger gave me a great feeling of pride in my work as I have really enjoyed blogging and despite having a little blip in my blogs I came back and produced some pieces I’m quite proud of.

I actually applied to be a student blogger while lying on a sunbed in America whilst on holiday. When I got the email to say I had been chosen I was overjoyed. I constantly look at my views to see how many people have interacted with my blogs and it seems like the favourite post so far was “Easy Meals for University”…so I think I will do more of those kind of blogs after Easter.


Me with my tablet 🙂 



After I had collected my tablet

Easter has been mad. Revision has taken over but this does not mean I have not had chance to spend time with friends. I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Adele concert and she was AMAZING live. I went with an old friend from school called Aimée and we were pretty near the floor and the walkway was cleared and a few marshals surveyed the area. I turned to Aimée and said that it would be funny if Adele walked right in front of us….then a box was pulled along and went under the stage we kept joking and saying that was Adele but it turned out it actually was!! It was very funny and I still can’t believe Adele was right in front of my nose!

I cannot believe that this year is almost over and soon I will no longer be a fresher. However I cannot wait for next year and everything it holds. I am excited to move out of halls and not have to be woken up at 3:30am by a fire alarm!

I am hoping to post some more blogs after Easter so let me know if there are any you would like!