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5 Jobs for an International Student Studying Abroad

A blog post from one of our International Student Ambassadors.


While living abroad and away from the comfort of your home, expenses tend to shoot up at the slightest hitch. The fall back option to get over such snags in rising expenses is calling your Mum and asking parents back home for some extra cash. Easier said than done, isn’t it? The embarrassment of asking money all the time or the long wait for the next instalment of your loan to come in.

But wouldn’t it be easier to earn some money on the side, without having to work too much? And rather than falling for the easy money scheme pop-ups on the internet, here are 5 ways you can earn while studying!!


The best option of all. The University has numerous jobs for the students, looking for their experience in the University to guide prospective students and present the University in local and international markets. Common jobs which require no expertise or previous work experience like Student Guides, International Ambassadors, Volunteers for Information and Open Days, Volunteers for Fairs and Exhibitions and other such jobs are always open in the University. Since most of this work is event based, it hardly ever cuts into your course and study time and pays well too, helping you save up for a rainy day. Or you can just apply and get all of the University jobs and be an Alpha on the campus!

international student ambassadors

International Student Ambassadors


Fancy working at your favourite brand shop? You can get free merchandise as a part of your uniform!

Love eating out? You can get a free lunch besides getting paid for working there!

Commercial shops always employ students for part-time work. Be it Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss, Nike or Adidas, or even McDonalds or Subway! The best part is, you can choose the days you want to work, the time you want to work, and it won’t exceed 20 hours a week. With that amount of money, coupled with the perks of store discount or carry-home-food, you’ll be decently settled throughout your stay abroad.


Adding a bit of work experience and practical knowledge of what you are studying distinguishes your CV from everyone else. A part-time placement gets you into the professional working environment early on, clocking in towards your total work experience. Not only does it add to your CV, but it gives you the best opportunity to understand what it is like to work in your field of interest, what to expect from a formal employment, build up your networking and employability skills and plus, it puts you at the forefront of your class, being able to understand everything better than everyone else. Moreover, a placement will always pay better than most other jobs out there.


Undergrad student thinking of pursuing a Masters? Post-grad student thinking of pursuing a Doctorate? You can assist your professors, tutors and supervisors in their ongoing research and get paid for it too. Research Assistants are essentially treated like a member of staff, doing research work handed down by their professor, either singularly or in groups. It is as good as a placement job, as it gets added as a vital work experience on your CV and also gets you a glowing recommendation from your Tutors, which might be rare to say the least.


Social-media savvy? Well then, just use your social media skills to the fullest and get paid for it. Any city with a sizeable student population uses social media to advertise and organise events. These events can be University events, clubbing specials, or even trips and outings. So create an event on Facebook and invite people, distribute flyers, write blogs or act as tour guides, you can have fun and earn at the same time, without doing much work. Talk about easy money, almost seems like a dream job.

Like any student city, many International Students are always on the look-out for all of these jobs to make their life easier. So best to start scouting for the job that you want as soon as you start your term and lay down your worries of budgeting your expenses for a bit and enjoy the experience.


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