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Intense Times!!


We’re at the middle of March and the pressure is on! I will have to submit a 5,000-word report on a topic of my choice, a 4,000-word proposal for a paper cut artist and after that I will have to start working on my final project, which is basically working with a business in order to improve their digital presence and promotion. I know a lot of students are in the same situation, trying to get everything in order and done before Easter break so they can go back to their countries without too many worries on their minds.
I have been spending these past days at the library as well, trying to get everything ready, as I might be heading to Athens, Greece at the start of April so I want to have most of my assignments done before this trip.


A good tip that I always follow and I urge other students to do so as well is to start early. Even if the assignments are due in a month or the exams are after Easter break, always start as early as possible. Students need to utilize the time that they have efficiently and not take it for granted because days pass quicker than we think! So by having time to study, students can re-examine and analyze their course’s requirements as many times as they can. You know what they say: practice makes perfect 🙂
What is your technique at being prepared for assignments or exams?
XOXO Ntina


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