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Easy meals for university

Being a first year at university there has been lots to get used to; where to go to for lectures, when is the best time to do your washing and most importantly how to cook for myself! I chose to be self catered as I felt it would be nice for me to be able to cook my own meals and though it was difficult at first however I have found some simple meals I have enjoyed and wanted to share with you. Hope you enjoy!


Salad is a healthy option for lunch but mix in bacon and sausage or chicken and add some caesar sauce or some nandos sauce and you can have a tasty healthy lunch made in minutes.


Bacon Salad!

Pasta is my go to option for lunch or dinner, I actually bought a 3kg bag of pasta as I was eating so much and as soon as I did that I stopped eating as much. I swap in sauces such as pesto and dolmio stir in and also sometimes add sausage or chicken to get some protein/meat in. My favourite pasta combination is sausage and pesto. If you want to reduce washing up drain your pasta and put it back in the sauce pan.


Pasta with pesto, tomatoes, chicken and peppers!

Bagels are quick and easy to make, my favourite being Philadelphia and smoked salmon. Pop the bagel in the oven until golden brown (or I normally just do it till its hot) and then add the Philadelphia and salmon and you are good to go!


Bagel with Philadelphia and smoked salmon.


Dinner can be hard to make especially if you have had a long day at university. If I am really not feeling cooking I may get a takeaway or dominos but I try not to have takeaways too much! Here are some of my favourite meals for a quick dinner.

Fajitas are quick and easy to make and fill you up in no time! I normally buy the chicken, pepper and onions and then get a fajita mix. I don’t often buy tortillas as I prefer to eat the chicken as it is. You could add rice to this dish.


Fajitas with pepper and onion.

Why not make your own nandos? You can buy your choice of rub in Tesco and then buy chicken and sweet potato chips. There is even a range of sauces to go with your chicken- which as I said I use in salads!



Nandos chicken!

If chicken isnt your thing I really like this fish dish (although the kitchen will smell afterwards!!) Fish glazed with parsley and garlic butter accompanied with avocado mushy peas.


Fish and mushy peas with avocado.

And finally for all you vegetarians out there- you have GOT to try these stuffed peppers. Easy to do in the microwave and ready in 10 minutes! First cook your microwave rice and add pesto and goats cheese meanwhile put your peppers in the microwave for 5-6 mins to soften. Stuff the peppers, add some more goats cheese on top put back in the microwave and you are done! This recipe is SO easy to do and is one of my favourites!


Stuffed peppers- will leave you stuffed!

Hope this has given you some ideas of some quick meals you can make for dinner whether you are at university or are starting university in September. I may post some more ideas for dinner so if you liked this post please leave a comment or like! Thank you for reading!


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