Lunch with Rhi….

My dad has always said to “grab opportunities” and from a young girl he has repeatedly told me to grab the opportunities and to get my foot in the door. The course I am doing, Television and Broadcasting is a very competitive one and  having experience in different fields can really help both your cv and future employer see how enthusiastic and dedicated you are to the field.

So recently I announced I had been given a radio show on Pure FM, the University of Portsmouth radio. It is named Lunch with Rhi and will air every Thursday from 1-3 from 3rd March 2016! It is being sponsored by Feed in Gunwharf Quays and I am very excited to be the host of my own show.

Having begun writing my script I realised how much content I would need for the two hour show. I slowly began coming up with the different segments and areas I would have on the show including Whats the link and Getting to know RHI. I have also set up a twitter (@LunchwithRhi) and a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Lunch-with-Rhi-1836322556594592/), which at time of writing this had 50 likes in one day! I was absolutely astonished at the support I have had so far, even before my first show!

Each week the show will be based on a theme with the first being “Getting to know me”. I will be playing a variety of different songs with songs from Justin Bieber to Coldplay. Listeners are more than welcome to tweet or message me requests for songs or for any segment requests they may have.




6 thoughts on “Lunch with Rhi….

  1. How exciting! I agree its a really good opportunity to get involved with student media whilst at uni, its such great experience. Last year some of the bloggers went on Jamie’s radio show as guests and it was so much fun! Might be an idea to do that again if it fits with the format of your show and if you thought it would be a good idea of course 🙂

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