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A Diary is the Key to Your Organisation

I am by nature the most disorganised person you will probably ever come across. Honestly, I’m a nightmare. I would probably forget my own birthday if it weren’t for my calendar and, most importantly, my diary.

In secondary school you no doubt had a ‘student planner’ which, along with providing great entertainment with games of MASH and doodling, also would have had the scribblings of what you had to get done and on which days.

For Christmas this year I received this absolute beauty, which in many ways resembles our old student planners.


It has honestly become my life in a book. I carry it everywhere. I haven’t forgotten about a single birthday, deadline, meeting or event this year.

It has a clear plastic cover which keeps it in pristine condition – no dog-eared pages for me! It also has a pocket at the back which I use to keep a few cute little notes, appointment cards and train tickets in. It has two little ribbon bookmarks attached which help me to keep my place. I always have one on the week we are on and one on where I have copied out my timetable in the back.

When you open it you have a 12 month-by-month calendar view, like you would on a wall calendar. This enables you to see the whole month at a glance and very quickly get an idea of what you have on.

Then there are weekly pages throughout. Monday to Sunday take up the left hand page, leaving the right page free for notes. On Sunday evening I write a list in the coming weeks ‘notes’ section of all the things I want to achieve that week and I am yet to fail to complete it. This helps to keep me focused and ensure that, especially with deadlines approaching, I am on top of all my work. I may have seven deadlines in the next few weeks but that doesn’t intimidate me any more because I can break it down bit by bit and I only have to focus on this weeks list. I don’t need to worry about next week. Each month also has its own colour scheme and design down the side and so I am using colour coordinated pens for the months (it’s very satisfying!).

Finally, the back is full of so many useful pages. This includes an address book, birthdays & important dates list, travel planning, space for planning museums, galleries & exhibition trips, films & books, to do lists, a further notes section and incredibly useful tear out shopping lists right next to a recipe ideas section. It’s just perfect and has everything you need!


So, if you don’t have a diary I strongly suggest getting one. It has been absolute key to my organisation this term and I now couldn’t imagine where I’d be without it. You can almost definitely pick them up very cheap now that we’re half way through February!



5 thoughts on “A Diary is the Key to Your Organisation

  1. It was a gift, but I know where it was from. It’s Cath Kidston branded so I’d imagine from them but I know mine was from John Lewis. Hopefully in the sale now as we’ve had a month and a bit! It’s brilliant – couldn’t recommend it more 🙂

  2. This is brilliant! I love using planners like this, and I have one I’m happy with at the moment, but this one definitely looks like one I will consider for next year! 😀

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