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The Power of our voice…

So yesterday (9th Feb) I COMPLETED a 24 hour sponsored silence in aid of my fund-raising for Anthony Nolan. I had been going just over 3 hours when I quickly came to realise the power that our voices have.

Whether it be ordering food from subway, singing along to some music or have a general chit chat our voices are so much more valued that I think we could ever imagine. It is only when that power gets taken away that we realise how important it is to use our voices. As part of my sponsored silence I ordered a subway ….without speaking! To see the video you can go here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuNQqfsnMO4


Writing my sub order…

We as a nation use our “P’s” and “Q’s” a lot and it felt rude not to say  thank you to someone when someone sponsored me and to write a quick thank you on my whiteboard instead. Another thing I noticed is that you can’t add any emotion to words on a whiteboard which sometimes made it hard for people to assume if I was being sarcastic or not. Therefore it was very hard for me to get exactly what I was thinking across.

Another thing we take for granted is how quickly our brains process the words we want to say and then be able to say them. In conversations where topics switched quickly it was hard for me to write everything down that I wanted to say without the conversation moving ahead already. Another issue I faced was my messy handwriting. Trying to write quickly and on a whiteboard that sometimes I had to write things twice or get someone to translate what I had said for me.


I had many different images drawn on my whiteboard thorough out the day and here is one of the more decent ones….

One thing I would love to learn is Sign Language, for one, it would have made the day easier but for two I would love to be able to communicate with people in a different way. Speaking is something we definitely take for granted and we should all be able to have the power to use our voice. Overall I raised (at the time of writing this) £68.20 which is all going to Anthony Nolan. Thank you to everyone who donated …on to the planning the next event now….keep your eyes peeled!!


Fund-raising things 🙂 


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