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The Perks of Volunteering!


 We’re 6 weeks into uni and the weather is getting more and more intense by the day. We didn’t have any snow here like in other UK cities but I can safely say that we’ve been experiencing lots of strong winds and rain, but hopefully we will have some sun soon.

 In this post I want to talk about the benefits of working while studying at uni! In addition to my studies and being a Student Blogger, I also volunteer at the Business Support Desk, located at the local Central Library which is a part of the Portsmouth City Council. They provide various services that assist people who want to start or expand their business, give funding as well as provide other public services such as the National Numeracy Challenge, a FREE and fun way to check out your current level of maths and use the online resources to brush up on areas you need to improve on. (Make sure to check out what they do, they’re really awesome 🙂  Take the challenge check-up today using access code uopst).


 I applied for the position through Purple Door, the center for careers and recruitment of the university, where students can apply for any type of job position they want, such as full time, part time, graduate schemes and volunteering work. I personally chose volunteering work as it stands out more on a CV when applying for paid jobs as well as gaining career experience in different fields and it allows you to learn valuable expertise such as social and relationship skills that will come in handy later on in life. Did you also know that 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without?

 Moreover, by having any type of position, your chances of employability increase greatly.

Do you have any type of work position at the moment?

 XOXO Ntina


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