Fundraising for Anthony Nolan

So in case you haven’t seen my many Facebook posts, this year I am aiming to raise £1000 for Anthony Nolan. A very close friend of mine had leukaemia last year and she was telling me how important stem cell donors were and I felt inspired to raise money and try and raise awareness of how important stem cell donors are. I am fundraising from the 1st January 2016-1st January 2017.

The first thing I did was a No chocolate January which I completed though it was very very challenging, despite people trying to shove chocolate at me left, right and centre!! I kept having cravings for chocolate and even had dreams I was eating it- which was very scary! At midnight on the 1st Feb I had my first 2 squares of chocolate of Jelly popping candy from Cadbury’s and it tasted SO good! 🙂

On Tuesday (9th Feb) I will be doing a 24 hour sponsored silence. I have 2 lectures, trampolining and have a meeting as I observe UAB! For those of you who know me well I can talk for Britain so I am quite apprehensive about this. A friend of mine suggested writing yes, no, maybe and I don’t know on the front and back of my hands. However I will also have a small whiteboard which I will be able to write on.

I have started a Youtube channel which you can follow my progress with my fundraising; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwaqUh__OGBjDQ6LS4aDgg

If you want donate (just don’t buy ONE chocolate bar) here is my page- https://www.justgiving.com/Rhiannon-Jenkins3

I will also be posting updates on here so you can always  follow my progress on here as well!



Just one of the photos I got sent through January from my parents….


3 thoughts on “Fundraising for Anthony Nolan

  1. Your fundraising ideas sound great- it would be good to see your progress and feel free to embed/post your videos into your blog 🙂 I tried to give up chocolate for lent last year and I lasted about a month, it’s so hard for chocoholics like us :S


  2. rhiannonjjenkins says:

    I prefer keeping the Youtube and blog separately purely so it isnt too much repetition 🙂 ooo yeah it was really hard but as I knew i was doing it for a good cause it was easier!! 😛

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