Being a Deputy Faculty Rep

Today, I thought I would share my opinions and achievements on being a Deputy Faculty Rep. I actually made the decision one night at 2am and after that had to produce a poster and a manifesto in order to secure people’s votes.

It was one Monday at 5pm (just before our graphics lecture) that Josh, (who was in the running for the Disabled Students Officer) suggested we should speak to everyone and encourage them to vote for us. The lecture was in Eldon W 1.10 (which is a MASSIVE lecture room) but I managed to contain my nerves and speak to everyone. It was a very rewarding experience.

Then, voting opened, I stuck my posters in every nook and cranny in Eldon I could find and spoke to people and asked them for my vote. I created a Facebook page but did not get too many “likes” due to the fact I was only a first year and did not know that many CCI students.  I kept looking at the online voting “swing” to see how well I was potentially doing.

Then on Thursday…. voting….CLOSED. I wasn’t actually going to go to the results but Josh facebook messaged me and said I should go and thank goodness I did. It was a long wait until the CCI results were announced, as the Faculty Rep was read out I had my fingers crossed, my legs crossed, my eyes crossed, my toes crossed….(okay you get the picture) and it wasn’t me.

I was elected as the Deputy Faculty Rep for CCI and I throughly enjoy what I do.  I attend all the Faculty zones and will chair them if the faculty rep (Bo) is not present. Bo and I work close together and I have been inspired by Bo and the work she does for the faculty. I also attend and observe the Union Actioning Body, where ideas that have passed though the faculty zones or reached 75+ votes online come to to be actioned. It is so incredible seeing one person’s idea being implemented into the university. As well as this we have created a facebook page for everyone in the CCI faculty and are currently working on a poster of the course reps to stick up in Eldon.



Helping to chair a faculty zone.

Being a deputy faculty rep has enabled me to meet lots of new people from across the years as well as the sabbs (who are lovely) and the kind people who work at the union. I have a better understanding of how the “Have your say ” system works and can easily explain it to anyone should they ask! Being a deputy faculty rep has given me a great experience as a first year student and would encourage everyone to “Have your say”!


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