Overcoming those deadlines!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break and are reenergized for another term at University. Over Christmas I felt a bit daring and decided to sign up to TWO half marathons! I will be running the Portsmouth Coastal half marathon (February 14th) and the Sunderland Half Marathon (May 1st). So I am back on a jam packed running schedule with my first race in 2 weeks!

Make sure you keep posted for future running updates and tips 🙂

2016 is now well underway and I am now in the final straight of my degree, which brings a mix of emotions. In the meantime a lot of work and studying must be done!

I’m sure like me, you all have multiple deadlines looming, piling on the pressure. With such little time between my deadlines it requires you to manage your time effectively to avoid those dreaded all nighters!

Having completed a placement year at GE Healthcare where I constantly had several tasks/ projects on the go at the same time I feel comfortable meeting all my deadlines. From this experience I learnt some tips that I thought I would share with you.

Time Management Tips:


  • Routine – something I ‘ve been doing this year is treating University like a full time job by working 9-5. By doing this means getting 8 hours worth of work done during the day and you still have time to go home and chill or visit your favourites places in Portsmouth!
  • Plan Plan Plan – in order to get several projects done at the same time it is crucial that you plan the time you have. This means working out how many weeks you have and from there you can create a timetable to work to. For me I like to create a daily timetable and a Gantt chart giving a nice overview of my projects. These can be easily done in Excel, below are a couple of examples



Gantt ChartGantt


  • Proactive – to make sure those all nighters are avoided being proactive and NOT      reactive is a must. It’s typical when you’re putting all your effort into one bit of work and suddenly a presentation out of nowhere pops up. Being proactive and getting things done will take a lot of the pressure off for when those unexpected tasks come up, keeping you on top of all your work
  • Prioritise – finally make sure you prioritise your work. Steps 2 and 3 will help a lot with this. Prioritising will ensure you get all your urgent bits of work in on time.


I hope these points are some help and you all continue the hard work!



One thought on “Overcoming those deadlines!

  1. You’re very organised! Sounds like you will have no problems with your deadlines 🙂

    I’m doing the Portsmouth Half and also the Bath Half in March. I am very underprepared! I did a half before Christmas and it took me 2.5 hours 😛 Will look forward to seeing some tips ^_^

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