Gunwharf Quays. The place to be…

Music? Check. Headphones? Check? Money? Check.

Gunwharf Quays is an outdoor (but covered) shopping centre. Here you can find shops such as; Superdry, Boots, Ted Baker and for the party animals amongst you…Tiger Tiger! (which is a nightclub…). Living on campus at University means I am only a 15 minute walk away from Gunwharf Quays. The walk down to Gunwharf is an easy one (or if you are feeling particularly lazy you could just get the train to Portsmouth Harbour….but I have never done that….) *okay…maybe I have….*

As soon as you get down to Gunwharf you notice the bustling atmosphere and it is rather a nice place to be to just do some window shopping and see what the latest fashion trends are. There are also popular restaurants such as Wagamama’s, Nandos, Jamie’s Italian and even Burger King(!) which are a great meeting point for friends, family or just to eat some nice food instead of the disgusting 60p meatballs in tomato sauce I ate recently…YUK



Spinnaker Tower from a distance 🙂

Leaving my flat at 2:15pm, my aim was just to go and buy some new shoes as a girl can never have enough shoes and mine always seem to be breaking! Whilst walking down to Gunwharf, (with Against the Current blasting through my headphones) I got rather frustrated as the wind kept blowing my headphones out of my ears. I decided that as I live an hour outside London which means it  takes me about 2.5- 3 hours to get home ….I should probably invest in some new ones to make train journeys shorter.

I then decided to go and buy some shoes from Vans. *After I had bought some socks from M and S because the socks I was wearing were too thick to try on new shoes* Now you may be wondering how on earth a student at university can afford Vans?! The vans in Gunwharf is actually an outlet which means there are huge and I mean HUGE discounts on shoes. So what could have been a £50 pair of shoes are now a £18 or LOWER pair of shoes. The more you know….

I did have some difficulty at first as I was not entirely sure what size shoe I am (I am a UK size 3 ….yes I have tiny feet…) I looked around all the various shelves to find not only the right size but also some nice shoes. Being an outlet many of the shoes on the shelves are the last in stock so it can be difficult to find a pair that you like. However finally after much searching…I found these….


My leopard print shoes from Vans!

I was extremely happy with my new shoes and look forward to wearing them around campus and when I go home for the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Gunwharf Quays. The place to be…

  1. That is a bargain on shoes! Good to know that they do some really good discounts so Gunwharf can still be student friendly- especially when they have the student lockdown event there! Don’t know if you have ever been but I hear it is meant to be good 🙂 Also your shoe size would make my feet look like clown feet! Haha 🙂

    • rhiannonjjenkins says:

      I know its so so good!! I haven’t been to lock down no, but would like to go if the opportunity arises. Talking of discounts…did you know that if you have an NUS card you can get 20% off at Nandos? 😀 aha yes my feet are small

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