Fancy a Cheaper Alternative to a Night Out?

SPOILER ALERT: there’s so so much to do in Portsmouth! This time last year, when I was still in my first year of university here, I didn’t know about so many of the incredible things you can do for free (or a couple of quid) in evenings in the city. So here’s a little list of little hidden treasures you might not know about yet.

Monday: If you’re into poetry/hip-hop/spoken word then head down to Trash Arts’ monthly poetry night ‘Open Ya Mouth’. This month’s was absolutely wonderful and the next one is Monday 22nd February. It’s at the Fat Fox at 8pm and absolutely FREE! Keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook for details on the next one. Here’s the event for February’s.


Tuesday: Trash Arts also run short film nights (with the occasional spot of live drama). The next one of these is on Tuesday 9th February and is FREE entry, but with donations to support local filmmakers. It promises to be a brilliant night. If anyone makes short films they would love to have some more people involved so send them in via the Facebook group (link above).

Wednesday: Every Wednesday night The Old Barn holds ‘beanbag club’. It’s an absolutely adorable night where you reserve a beanbag and then they show a film on a big projector. There’s a bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, sweets, popcorn etc. They have just finished Tarantino month showing Pulp Fiction, Django, Inglorious Basterds and From Dusk till Dawn. Up next is Clockwork Orange and then the week after I believe it is Breakfast Club. It’s £3 entry but you are handed a voucher on entry which allows you to spend £3 at the bar (so really it’s free, you just have to buy a drink!). If you want to grab some food beforehand they are home to The Burrito Man which hands down do the best burritos I have ever ever eaten (and I eat a lot of burritos). It’s £5 and so big and filling, plus you get a free drink (can be alcoholic if you wish – may I recommend the pulled pork one with a bottle of Desperados).

Thursday: If you’re into alternative music then head down to Scandals Cellar Bar for a night of dancing (okay, I kind of lied because this isn’t an alternative to a night out but a night out). It is, however, an alternative to usual clubbing with indie rock and alternative music playing all night. Pete Scathe is a wonderful DJ who accepts requests all night! If you place your name on the Facebook (this weeks) group before 8pm on the night then you can get in for £1 entry! Otherwise it’s still only £3 – much cheaper than any other club.

Friday: I bet you didn’t know just how cheap it is to go up the Spinnaker? If you book online (which you can do the night before!) it’s about £7 for a student ticket. You get a stamp upon entry and can come and go as you please all day. It’s absolutely stunning at night. I have been up twice and the first time didn’t bother going back in the evening but I really couldn’t recommend it more!

Saturday: If you’re lucky (unlike me who works all weekend!) then you have Saturday’s off – hurrah! When was the last time you went to the beach? Go! Make the most of living, probably, within walking distance of the sea. Skim stones, get some chips, relax!

Sunday: Everyone should get in the know with the live music scene in Portsmouth. This week (Sunday 31st) at Drift Bar you can come see 5 acts for FREE! Check out some of the artists and head on down. I’m playing, which is very exciting, so it’d be lovely to see lots of students turning up.

So if you did all 7 of these all in one week (I admire your energy!) then you would have spent a total of £14, which averages out at £2 a day…. Not bad! Especially not bad considering half of it went on your trip up the Spinnaker – totally worth it.

So go explore, find new events and discover live music, poetry, film, culture and more!


2 thoughts on “Fancy a Cheaper Alternative to a Night Out?

  1. This would definitely make for a fun filled week! Lots of fun and interesting things to do for very cheap. Can you believe I still actually need to go up the spinnaker! Been meaning to for years, didn’t know it was cheaper to book online so that’s good to know ^_^

  2. I really would recommend trying them all out (lots of the events are on different weeks). What?! That’s crazy! It’s so much cheaper than I thought it would be! Make sure you return at night because it’s absolutely stunning, like a magical sparkly city!

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