Ballet shoes

Every Saturday at around 12:30 I disappear off to Portsmouth and Southsea Station to get the train to Warblington for ballet class. I have been dancing on and off since I was three and when preparing to come to university I was looking at places to go to do ballet as I really wanted to get into it again.

Going to ballet in Warblington allows me to get away from the hectic life of university and completely forget about all due dates and stresses that may be occurring. It allows me to spend some time off campus and to allow myself to have some thinking time as I get the train there and back. The first week  however, was a bit of a disaster when I got the train an hour too early and didn’t have any cash to buy uniform, cue me walking to the nearest Spar and getting some cash out and then getting lost on the way back!

When I eventually made it back to the dance school I met with the principle and she introduced herself and took me into watch the pointe class. Since I was a little girl doing ballet I have always dreamed of going en pointe. I then tried the grade 6 ISTD class and felt a bit out of my depth, having not done ballet in so long I felt a bit lost.

After class I spoke with the principle and we both decided I should move down to the Grade 5 Class, a decision which I am now so grateful for! I also started the pointe class and a few weeks later I was told I could get demo-pointe shoes. I was half way there!


My demi-pointe shoes- you can actually go up onto pointe on one toe and they are good for getting used to how pointe will feel.


My ballet uniform 🙂

The confidence I have gained in ballet is huge since the start of term, constantly working on my core, my arch of my foot and my ankle bone I hope to someday soon make the transition to pointe. Ballet for me, as well as being good exercise, is something I love doing. The music and environment is calm and I enjoy every moment I am there.


4 thoughts on “Ballet shoes

  1. Hi Rhiannon, I know nothing about ballet and don’t know anyone who does it so this is quite interesting! What is the difference between grade 5 and 6 and what exactly does pointe mean? Going on tippy toes? Love the shoes and uniform 🙂

    • rhiannonjjenkins says:

      Hi! Glad you enjoyed it! So basically, Grade 6 is a lot harder than grade 5, there are more complex moves and jumps. Going on pointe means exactly that- you are on the edge of your toes and all your weight is there. That is why you need to have pointe shoes. So do I 🙂

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