Tea for two…

When I went to a UAB training day last term I was made aware of the shop known as “All about Tea” by my good friend Elizabeth. It wasn’t until we went for my 19th birthday that I got to experience this  little teashop right down the road from my halls.

As you walk in you see a mixed array of cakes and a whole bookshelf almost of tea tins. I chose to have this chocolate orange cake and some Green Tea, Raspberry and Ginseng tea which arrived complete with a  pretty purple tea cosy. IMG_3843


The lovely tea cup and plate you get- and a nice biscuit too.

The atmosphere in All About Tea makes it a great place to do some work (with free wifi supplied!) or just have a natter and catch up with friends. They have recently expanded their menu and now offer soup, panini’s and now even offer afternoon tea!!

Around the room there are tea bags and packs a-plenty which you can buy for friends, family or just for yourself! In my room I have their raspberry and mango tea which are great to drink whilst doing work.  The bargin bin allows you to buy smaller packs of tea for just £1! A great offer if you want to try lots of different types of tea and find the one you like the best!




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