Something for Arty-People

Trash Arts are a ‘creative hub challenging the arts’ in Portsmouth. They host all sorts from making short films to open mic poetry nights to organised gigs. I have been lucky enough to have discovered them in my second year at university here and gotten myself mixed up in their little creative world.

If you are interested in film, music, poetry or anything of a similar nature then check them out. They’re always looking for new talent and people to get involved.

Tuesday night, I played my first ever gig at The Fat Fox down Albert Road. It was absolutely terrifying but one of the best things I have ever done.


As I sat there, listening to the other performers sound checking my heart was racing. Hearing them only made me panic more that I wasn’t good enough but as soon as I was on stage everything calmed down. The atmosphere was so relaxed. The room, hidden behind a wooden door, cut off from the bustle of the pub was a scene of serenity. It was spotted with comfy sofas and little wooden coffee tables, people of all ages spread around the room, drinking, listening, absorbing the music.

Nothing quite compares to that rush of performance: the relief which swamps you afterwards and the buzzing nerves which accompany you on stage. It was an absolutely wonderful evening with three other incredible local acts performing. Whether you’re experienced or completely new to it, it’s worth putting yourself out there even if it seems scary.

Getting involved in a little community like this is something I’d really recommend. You will get to meet all kinds of interesting people and make connections with people with similar ideas to you. I’m so thankful I discovered them as they have already given me the opportunity to share my poetry at an open mic night and now to be able to play some music in front of people for the first time ever.

So, have a look at their Facebook via the link at the top and see if there’s anything you fancy delving into. Share your art – it may be frightening but it’ll certainly be worth it!


One thought on “Something for Arty-People

  1. Well done on your performance. It was very brave of you! I’ve been up on that stage once when I was in show choir. I’m not brave enough to perform on my own @_@

    I think it’s great that you’ve showcased some of the local gigs that people can perform at or go to 🙂

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