Free time, Portsmouth

Trips to the Theatre

Over the past few weeks I have been drowning in essays and hiding away in my room anxiously trying to finish every last one. Luckily I only have two more pieces to finish before the end of term!

Despite the workload I have been exploring the theatres of Portsmouth. I do like to go out and go clubbing but after a while this can start to get a little repetitive. So instead I decided that going to the theatre could be a great alternative. Back in October I went to see The Great Gatsby at the New Theatre Royal which is situated in the heart of Portsmouth down Guildhall Walk. The outside doesn’t look too appealing as it sits alongside a local Sainsbury’s and student clubs but this is very much deceiving. The interior of the theatre contrasted very much with the exterior having recently been revamped over summer. I have to say it was pretty impressive with its elegant decorative walls and tiers of ongoing seats. I went with three other course mates as we are going to be studying the book next year. I am not really a fan of the book but the theatre production completely changed my mind on the story as a whole and I actually really enjoyed it. The ticket was also only £12! The production was really well done and it was very humorous in parts with only seven actors playing all of the characters.


A few weeks ago I went to see Legally Blonde at the Kings Theatre on Albert Road. I have already seen this production at a theatre in London and it was really good so I persuaded a few friends to come along to this one and it was only £10 – love being a student! We got a few drinks before the show started and we had seats very close to the front, it was great. The show was very lively and obviously very pink.

Kings Theatre are performing Dirty Dancing next November and I am so tempted to go. It is something different to do and not expensive at all. Definitely something worth doing in your spare time to take your mind of all those essays 🙂


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