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The start of final year

Although I enjoyed my year in China looking back it feels like I’ve just woken up from a very long dream. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my year abroad, I certainly did, but at the same time it felt like my life was always somewhere else, it was back in Portsmouth. I would constantly check my phone for updates from my friends and wonder what they were up to, I would stay in Friday nights so I could talk to them, and many a night I couldn’t sleep because of the time difference.

Even though I’m originally not from the UK, Norway doesn’t even seem like home anymore, Portsmouth does. My home town is just somewhere my parents live, where I go home for Christmas to catch up with my friends and see my family, then head back to my “real” life here in Portsmouth. My friends, my boyfriends, my social life, my gym, my studies – it’s all right here on the English coast, and I’m so happy to be back!

I also can’t believe it’s already November! I’ve been in Portsmouth since August, and time had flown by. Final year is already a lot busier than I ever imagined with two societies to run, dissertation, essays, Chinese, and trying to have a social life next to all this. But I am enjoying it, I really am. I’m enjoying my busy schedule, and I’m pleased to say I am even on track with my dissertation. And my sleeping pattern is back on track, I’m not set on China time or anything!

~ Marie




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