Back in Pompey!

So after what felt like a never ending summer, I finally got back to Portsmouth in September! It’s been a month and a bit since then and I can safely say I’ve re-adjusted to the usual Uni routine, although those 9 AM starts don’t get any easier! I’m a second year here studying Geography (or ‘advanced colouring in’ to all you comedians!!) . I really enjoyed last year due to the great variety of topics covered in the modules, but this also gives me the problem of explaining to people what is it I exactly study. This year I focus more on the human branch of Geography which to put it basically, is the study of the interaction between human beings and their environment.

This year I live in a house in Southsea just by the Common, which is a nice 10-15 minute walk to the Uni. I’ve found that there are a lot of cool and quirky places in Southsea that as freshers we are completely oblivious to. Believe me, there is more to student life in Portsmouth than Guildhall Walk, Commercial Road and Tiger Tiger! There are loads of great bars and pubs down Albert Road which are definitely worth a try, Little Johnny Russell’s and The One Eyed Dog are two that I quite enjoy visiting. I also live close to Clarence Pier which if you haven’t yet been to, is your typical seaside amusement pier with a big arcade and funfair. The hovercraft which goes to the Isle of Wight also departs from right next to the pier and despite being 500 metres away, I can still hear come in and out of the beach. As you can probably imagine, it’s pretty noisy!

This year I rejoined the Uni Rugby Club, which is great fun and I would definitely recommend to anyone, especially with the ongoing Rugby World Cup happening in England, it’s a great time to join! I’ve played a few games this season, admittedly I don’t think I’ve been on the winning side yet but it’s not even a month into the season so I think that can be excused! There were loads of other cool societies out showcasing at Freshers Fayre which was great to see and goes to show how there really is something for everyone here!

That’s all from me for now, enjoy the rest of your day!



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