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Weekend Running

How often do you wake up in the morning and feel like you wish to be more fit? Sometimes not only to feel better with your body, but as well as a matter of health?

There are several reasons why one should choose running out of other ways to keep fit. First, is a very affordable way to practice some sport. You just have to find really good sneakers to endure your practice over time, so that your feet won’t get hurt by the continuous training. Everything else comes with time. Sure it is also important to think on sports clothing, but just to start, you just need something comfortable.

Doctors and psychologists believe that running improves several different areas of body development, since not only is it good for your heart, as it might increase your life span and decreases the probability of contracting some diseases, but also it can be an activity working for your self-esteem, social skills and to run the stress away. And you can run wherever you wish and enjoy the sights as you go. And if you do run, maybe you can join next year’s Great South Run.

Last Sunday Portsmouth was invaded by its usual (Morrisons) Great South Run and several athletes (and non-athletes as well) endorsed by a rather voluminous crowd that took over Portsmouth streets – more than 25 000 participants were seen on the run.

First edition of this Great South Run took place in 1990 and since then it turned out to be one of the Europe’s most crowded races – we all had a good look how crowded it can be, last Sunday!

The race is not categorized as a semi-marathon and it is not a 10 000 m race. It goes for a distance of 10 miles (about 16 000 m). Therefore, it is not a recognized distance by the International Association of Athletics Federations. That being so, many argue that most of the elite athletes were absent this year since they could not get results for their admission for the Olympics in 2016, Brazil.

Nonetheless, one of the most notorious athletes of nowadays showed up to take the winning prize for the woman’s elite – the Kenyan Vivian Cheruiyot. After only 51 minutes and 17 seconds she cruised home and we must remember that this athlete has won on several occasions, recently on the 10 000 meters run on the IAAF World Championships, Beijing, this year. It was a great pleasure to see this top athlete in Portsmouth!

As for the elite men, victory smiled upon Uganda’s Moses Kipsiro, 46 minutes, though closely followed by the Kenyans Kipsang (46 minutes, 08 seconds) and Bett (46 minutes and 11 seconds).

Several athletes and supporters appeared on the morning race, though the majority were running for charities. A good purpose to run for. More details about these charities and how to join for next year’s run click here.

If you are interested to get a detailed view on the course of the race, just click here.

IMG_20151025_113748 IMG_20151025_121342

To participate you have to keep up and endure this race (it is not a short one) and to be able to enjoy while you compete with yourself, one should practice a while. There are different starters groups. Colored orange went first, followed by the white and then green athletes upon their personal results/time.

There are some groups running at weekends and you will surely find many people running near the seafront. It can be busy sometimes. Southsea parkrun is advertised in several social networks (in the University of Portsmouth facebook page at least) and it seems a good way to join people who are into running, Saturdays at 9am.

Hope this was interesting and if you missed the chance to cheer for the Great South Run athletes, don’t forget there is more next year 😉



One thought on “Weekend Running

  1. I started running about a year ago and you do improve every time you do it. Doing running events is a big motivation and as you said it’s great for self esteem but things like Parkrun and the GSR are great for a community vibe as well. I attempted the Great South on Sunday and I really struggled towards the end but a year ago I couldn’t have imagined doing it in the time that I did 🙂


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