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A Reason To Say Yes… Opportunity!

When I was a humble 16 year old boy I took part in the National Citizen Service, which is an opportunity for 15-17 year olds to give back to their community which runs nationwide. It was from this moment that I knew I would definitely go to university. It was only when I got to university this year that I would be gaining more than just a degree.

I had heavily underestimated the amount of activities, societies and sports clubs there were. I chose to join the lacrosse club – which was completely new and foreign to me but I absolutely love it! I joined the karate club – which I had been doing for nearly 4 years and the club were so welcoming and friendly! Aside from these clubs and the societies I joined I really wanted to push myself and expand my skill set… So I did the completely natural thing and decided to start learning Mandarin.

I figured that if 850 million people could speak Mandarin, then what was stopping me from learning it?

I soon realised that this challenge I set myself was probably the epitome of the word challenge. Between remembering the simple phrases and written language that go with it, there really is a lot to learn! However even though I have only been doing it for around a month I feel so enriching knowing that I can have a basic conversation with someone who cannot speak English, not to mention the conversations I can have with myself!

你好。我叫 Kieran。我十八岁。我很好你呢?我的生日是一九九七年四月一七号。今天是二零一五年十月二十五号,星期天。

Hello my name is Kieran. I am 18 years old and you? My birth date is 17th April 1997. Today is the year 2015, the month is October and it is the 25th day, a Sunday.

As you can see, in only 5 weeks you can learn a lot! And that’s not even all I’ve learnt there is a whole plethora of conversation to be had!

If you take away anything from reading please let it be to give everything a chance and say yes to opportunity!


One thought on “A Reason To Say Yes… Opportunity!

  1. I’m really glad you’re getting involved with so many of the activities here and quite adventurous learning a new language! Hope it goes well and great message about taking up new opportunities as there are so many at University you just need to take advantage of all the things out there 🙂

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