How to have fun on a budget

The first thing that springs to mind when you think of Uni is money. The repeated question ‘How will I survive?’ will haunt you and you may think that you won’t be able to have fun on a budget, but this is completely wrong. There are so many things to do in Portsmouth in your spare time which won’t make your bank account look worse for wear.

Firstly, the museums! This may sound boring but Portsmouth is a city filled with history starting with Charles Dickens birthplace where you can take a wander around his bedroom and be in awe over his collection of memorabilia. There’s Southsea Castle and the Portsmouth Museum which let you have an insight on what life used to be like in the City and why it is a great place to live. These museums are student friendly with low prices or free admission.

Portsmouth is known as ‘The Great Waterfront City’ and it sure does stand up to its name. The beach is a fantastic place to go and get lost in your own world. A place to escape, relax, read, write, eat, the list is endless. Gather a group of friends together and you are guaranteed a good time on a budget.

beach sunny beach sunset

The beach is a beautiful part of the city where you can capture the perfect Instagram photo, whether that be of the sunrise, the light bouncing off the waves on a sunny day or catching the last glimpse of light at sunset.

If you are wanting a night out that doesn’t involve snakebite and hundreds of students falling into you,then take a wander down Albert Road. There is such a variety of things to do such as having a drink in one of the many pubs, going for cocktails at a bar, dancing your way into a silent disco, seeing a live band at the WedgeWood Rooms or simply eating out. Many of the pubs and bars have student nights running during the week, serving you your favourite drinks at affordable prices.


2-4-1 cocktails at the Atrium on Albert Road

There are so many hidden gems down Albert Road which will definitely fill your day or night with endless memories and laughs.

Moving to Portsmouth was such an exciting experience for me and I am so glad I did it. Having already been here a year, I cannot wait for the next two, discovering new places and hidden gems that are yet to be found (of course on a budget).


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