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What I Love About Living in Portsmouth

Whilst I am feverishly jealous of the freshers coming in to begin their journey at Portsmouth, I also feel lucky to be where I am now. I know the city: where’s good, who’s good, what’s good. Writing this blog post has really got me thinking: reflecting both on the last year spent here and the two I have to come. My heart feels swollen with love for the place. When I think of Portsmouth, the first thing I think of is the beach.


I love living in a seaside city. It’s absolutely magnificent to be able to trundle down to the beach to unwind. There’s something ever so therapeutic about the sea. Being able to lay on the beach whenever you want is just amazing, whether you are going to watch the sunset, to have a daring dip in the water, to calm down, to read, to run, to just lie on the pebbled shore and listen to the waves, it is simply indescribable and certainly an irreplaceable feeling.

If you’re into alternative/indie music then there is this amazing night at Scandals. It is an underground cellar bar and provides an amazing alternative to your usual club night out in Portsmouth. Not to say that the occasional purple Wednesday out at The Fleet and Popworld isn’t welcome!

When I think of Portsmouth I think of independent unique little shops and pubs and cafes. Portsmouth is bursting with hidden gems: take a walk down Albert Road and you’ll always find something going on, from silent discos, to unique little cafes, from live music to tiny artsy antique shops. A personal favourite of mine is Southsea’s Pie & Vinyl which you’ll most likely pass on a meander down towards the seafront. Their pies are outstanding. It’s an adorably quirky place with some very unique pies. You can get anything from fish and chips (yes, in a pie!) to your classic steak and kidney. Being a big music fan I also adore spending an afternoon flicking through their records with a glass of their very own cordial in hand.


I was so unsure about the move when I arrived in Portsmouth, full of crippling nerves and doubt, but now I couldn’t be happier. It’s a beautiful place to live and study. I’m overwhelmingly excited to be able to spend (at very least) the next two years here, exploring and discovering new places which I’m dying to share with people.



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