Summing up the first few days !


I hope everyone has read my first article about moving to Portsmouth and if you haven’t , click here and check it out 🙂

So as days go on, everyone are starting to get into their little routines with their course program, settling in their rooms and trying to explore the city bit by bit (at least that’s what I’m doing) 🙂 I have to admit, returning back to studies after a 2-year break it’s definitely more challenging and tough than I thought at first, but it’s all about having a prepared schedule and being focused on keeping it.

The first few days of my course went smoothly and right now I’m currently working on my Essentials of Marketing assignment,  which is the first one of the year and is due in one month , so a lot of work is ahead of me! Thankfully, I have been going out to relieve a bit of the stress of the workload, to different night spots near the campus and accommodations, such as Astoria, Liquid and Lyberry as well as the Summerball 2015  that was held just recently at Portsmouth’s Town Hall.


(tried to go old-Hollywood glam for the Summerball 🙂 )

Summerball was probably one of the most fun events I have attended since I been here, there were different rooms with different types of music in each one, but I have to admit that the Silent Disco room was the most entertaining for me, as it had no music in the room but instead you had headphones and students could choose music from two different DJs that were playing there live. In addition, this past weekend I went to West Quays Mall in Southampton which is 40 minutes from Portsmouth with one of my friends and classmates, Kate, to do some retail therapy 🙂

11219139_10152962342421256_6492952632971320385_n   wpid-picsart_1442926769299

Moreover , as I’m slowing going back into student mode, the experience has overall been really exciting and fascinating as well as a bit stressful , but let’s be honest , who’s uni experience isn’t?

I hope you have enjoyed this post, tell me what the next one should be about , or what you want to learn more from the University 🙂

XOXO Ntina


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