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City Living!

Disclaimer: I have never been around this many people in my entire life!

I’m from a small town in the middle of the country (Yes, The Midlands, they are right between the north and the south!) which no one has heard of. Whenever I meet somebody new and they ask where I’m from I just generalise to Northampton. When really I’m from a small town called Corby in Northamptonshire. Now, I’ve already learned that nobody has heard of it but I had no idea that I would be labelled as ‘northern’. This happens nearly daily and now after a week I’ve come to the conclusion that I am nothern. Or at least northern to the people of the south.

For my enitre 18 years of existence I’ve been used to recognising nearly every face that I pass by on the streets. But since moving to Portsmouth I feel like I am in a scene from Limitless with my brain travelling at tremendous speeds, trying to take in all possible information that I can. It’s only become more evident that I am not a city native when I’m trying to cross the road. I’ll be waiting patiently at the designated crossing, and from the corner of my eye I can see groups of people just crossing at any old section of the road, and quite frankly I do not have that much courage! To think, you are taking on a 2 tonne beast known as a car on it’s home turf with all the confidence of a Spanish matadore – while I’m shying away waiting for the green man to start flashing! I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be jaywalking anytime soon!

Fresher’s Fayre

Fresher’s Fayre. That time of year when every single company, take away, sports club/society all come in one place and try to coax you into joining by offering you free stuff. The amount of leaflets and lanyards I now have means I have a personal pile of free pizza waiting to be collected – which I can assure you it will! I was also featured in a university video all about Fresher’s Fayre which you can check out below:


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