Coming Back

I always find it rather unsettling, change. I love my life here in Portsmouth and couldn’t be happier but there’s something hardwired into me which tells me change is bad and so moving back here after 3 months at home again unnerved me. I always get like this. I remember at the end of the Easter holidays bursting into floods of irrational tears to my boyfriend (who is at university in Portsmouth!) because as much as I wanted to go back, I didn’t want things to change. It sounds silly, I know but it’s my instinct to panic.

Settling back in and moving into my new home couldn’t have seemed more normal and I’m now, sat in my new double bed (I’ve never had one before, this is amazing!) typing away like I’ve lived here all my life. The house feels like home now. I’m living with four boys which is certainly going to make for some interesting blog posts. So far so good, despite a lack of nail-varnish remover and sanitary products in the house when I need them! I haven’t even had to tell them off for leaving the seat up – yet!

I’ve written myself a little ‘bucket-list’ for year 2. I want to keep adding to it for the next few weeks and use it to push myself further this year. It’s still quite short. As for how I’ve been keeping myself busy, I’ve actually been up to a lot considering I’ve been back for two weeks now and had next-to-no lectures. I bought a bike, which I am enjoying immensely. There’s nothing quite like cycling down along the seafront. I’ve spent a lot of time decorating my room (blog posts on this bound to follow!). I’ve played my guitar a lot and written a new song. I’ve already worked 6 shifts at my old job at Costa Coffee and I’ve even befriended a neighbour from the house opposite. It’s been a very fun and productive couple of weeks.

I had my first lecture back yesterday and it was so lovely to see some familiar faces and especially to catch up with my tutor. I’m nervous but excited to start lectures properly on Monday. There’s a whole amazing year ahead of me now and I can’t wait to see what it holds.


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